Sunday, 3 April 2011


I am, what I am to You, while I write myself with a capital I and you with a small y, you remained an enigma, another, an unknown and a barrier. When I write You with a capital Y as well, You become a mirror, a reality, a self and a companion.

I first saw myself as You in eyes of my mother, the gaze that she sets on me was such that it felt like a bliss showering from an eternal source infinitely. Then time to time I saw that bliss in other people I met but I thought that it was just random and subjective. But that was my naiveté as I thought of myself and not of others, as that approach changed I felt a wonderment never known before to me, when you became You and I became self to selfless. You became my mirror and I became what you mirror.

I am nothing when You are not there, I am what I am, because whatever I know I know that through You, therefore whoever You are I respect and Love You.


  1. Amazingly succinct and original writer-reader-reflector and friend,

    I wrote a pretty long comment last night & connection gave way.

    For today, all I have time to say is that your work is TIMELESS and especially unique.

    I feel deeply that you are "holding down the fort" for all that truly matters now and forever.

    Keep on Keeping on with your beautiful, wise and expansive soul.

    More soon as I see at last how much I've missed on your very own site as well as your favorites...

    Yours for Truth, Love, Beauty and long-range peace.

  2. Thanks Connie for amazing all the time!

  3. hmm.....what philosophy....Dar amazes me always...

    A wonderful post.

  4. Thanks Thinking for your kind comments.