Friday, 24 December 2010

Creativity of Love

God says: “I was a hidden treasure and I yearned to be known. Then I created creatures in order to be known by them” (a hadith)

In human beings love stirs creativity and evolution. It works as a miracle on the lover and the beloved simultaneously. When someone curate a garden his core intention could be to bring an aesthetic satisfaction by the beauty that the grandeur of garden settings entails, but in wider respect he is also attracting joyful eyes of the onlookers who would find it pleasing serene and satisfying, and further the birds, the butterflies and the bees would simultaneously find it attractive and blissful.

Our creativity amalgamates with the creativity of birds when they come to garden and sing songs and hymns which show their pleasure of soul, gratitude to the gardener and praise for the Lord. Similarly when the butterflies flutter from one flower to the other giving a picturesque look to the setting and at the same time helping in pollination, the plot thickens. The honey bees hovering from plant to plant thanking for opportunity that made it possible to show their creativity first by building a home of unique hexagonal cells and then pouring and depositing there a sweet, energizing and healthy tonic we all so love.

An act of creativity accelerates an unending bond of Love that enriches life and work as a catalyst in making the ultimate divinity of God unveil and appear as majestically as He wanted.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

A Portrait that Draws itself

I have a strange idea that while a writer writes a character that character starts to writes itself and is only understood universally when it reaches the reader who eventually decides what it is all about.

This idea I have also understood explicitly when I sketch portraits I find lines taking their own course which I did not intended it to take and look like what it actually turned out. This can be said that I am not a good or professional artist, but somehow I feel this happens more in those cases where I know something peculiar about that person.

The portrait in question is one of most known portrait of Noon Meem Rashid the elusive and enigmatic poet. I have been an avid reader of his poetry and found it beautiful, obscure, relentlessly profound and unusual at the same time. To me he is a mystery, so while sketching his portrait when I leave it to the flow the outcome is strange, instead of his pompous look that is so evident in his famous portrait, in my sketch he looks skeptic, doubtful and unsure. Looking at the sketch I thought when people meet others they visualize others according to their own perceptions, so the character and personality that we have in our minds is not of the other person as he/she is but it is what we have perceived them.

The above sketch which I have drawn of N.M.Rashid which shows my skepticism and doubt towards him can well be called my self portrait?

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Ambiance of Love

A child smiles, giggles and laughs for no apparent reason but it can't be in a life where mere flap of butterflies wings can initiates tornadoes, there must be something to this! A pediatrician will say that when a child is healthy, had a good sleep and not hungry she/he will giggle.
In some traditions it is said that a guardian angel makes the child smile and giggle.

I say it’s an ambiance of love that does so. A consciousness that we have been given by the Creator is the reason. Any soul that connects with God, remain in a state of bliss.

To remain in that state child has to do nothing but just to focus on her mother, who is the center of universe and a medium to connect with God. But when we grow this focus of consciousness spreads on wide angle and the bliss de focuses and a haze casts on us. This is normal and this has to happen as the wondrous world opens to us: the majestic sunshine, the colorful springtime, the cool joyous winter afternoons, the blossoming flowers, the tranquility of a deep sea, the drizzle in a summer evening, the singing birds in wee hours, the sprinting and striding gazelles, the roaring of a proud lion, the beautiful and innocent smile of a young girl, the agile athletic body of a young man, twinkle of wisdom in the eyes of our grandparents and the almost breath taking heartbreakingly beautiful sight of a beloved just de focuses us.

But when we assimilate all these fragments the basic denominator is only Love. This focus of love can be widened by just widening the aperture of our love to capture the complete picture.

How this is possible? This is commonly seen! See how one who is in love, just Loves everything about the beloved, everything she says, wears, glances at, thinks about, the mannerism, each and everything associated with her. Likewise when we Love God we Love everything associated and created by Him and that initiates an unending bliss which is an ambiance of Love.