Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Standing at a Seashore

Our ability to understand this world lies in our ability to interact with others. Standing alone at a sea shore and seeing high tides in distance rising and dying at my feet on the beach , I enjoy this solitude but what name I should give to this feeling when seeing tides rise then fall and then die at my feet, I want to name this flow and ebb that is making a distinct mark on my sensibility but what it is I would not know because this is trapped inside me as an echo and all the time what I hear is what I think, as if I am in a tunnel.

The murky gloom at seaside vanishes as the sun comes out blazing from cloud cover and I see you, you standing there alone as well, I take courage, break the shekels and move to meet you.

You raise your gaze and I know what the ascending of tide means and when you lower your gaze I know what dying of tides meant. Then you spoke and told me that elation of tides bring a feeling of search and inquisition in you and when the tides ebb you don’t feel dejected but feel satisfied that the search has a meaning and when the tides die on your feet and sand moves under your feet giving way to new sand you feel the meanings realizing and culminating at your end.

A feeling and its meaning that was trapped inside me as an echo when it meets your understanding it just lights up everything for me as if a circuit is completed and everything gets Illuminated. Now I name this feeling as search and awareness but after my interaction with you, you say it is love, I agree to this understanding of yours and now we say that it is search for truth and love.


  1. Even upon first reading, this is such a parallel experience to mine before the family awakens when we have gone to a seaside for vacation. While each occasion along the beach at sunrise and sunset is completely unique - how paradoxic that such experience is also so indivisible with other such occasions.

    This one is classic as one of your best works...I do believe you are "on a roll"...
    I'm in the midst of work yet must return...

  2. Thanks Connie your words of appreciation always cherished.

  3. Dar Sahib...nice post...hmmmm....

    While reading your post I remember a very good song...from Empire of the Sun.....

    Standing on the shore
    Waiting for the ship in call
    There's something in the way I move
    That keeps them on their own

    A star explodes a storm
    A billion seasons born
    A shock to the waves I know
    Breaking far from shore

    Don't want to talk
    All I hear is noise
    Don't want to talk

    The future's in my hands
    I hold it in my palms
    Engrave it in the ley lines running
    Right down her arms

    Speak in silent tongues
    The lives reflect the times
    The ghost and the shadows fill
    The living scene

    Don't want to talk
    All I hear is noise
    Don't want to talk

  4. Thanks Thinking and what a fabulous song you remembered.