Tuesday, 12 April 2011

You according to Me

A relationship that is between two people is always triangular. At one point of the triangle is one person, at the second point of the triangle is the other person and third point of the triangle is the relationship that both of them have, within the space of that triangle lies the bond that both are sharing and making it absolutely unique relationship as against any other relationship that they have with any other person or people.

You are according to me what you are in this relationship triangle. I cannot know you in reference to any other person, I know you according to the dynamics of our triangular space that we have created.

So if I describe what you are that would be 'you according to me' strictly in accordance with the aforementioned pattern.

When I look at you with an intent where triangle of our relationship is peaking upwards, I find out all the positive aspects that are part of my personality seems reflecting in you also, humor, natural flair for good things, honesty, kindness, respect and love for all around.

When I look at you with an intent where triangle of our relationship is facing downward, the things which I conceal from other looks ominously reflecting in you, that is, loneliness of soul due to self possessiveness, ego, stubbornness and self love, they all looks so prominent in you that I know and recognize instantly.

You provide an insight into my personality, what goodness you have and which I admire in you, I see that in myself and whatever negativity that I have and I conceal from others I see in you, so you are a mirror and a transparent medium through which I see myself, you and the world.


  1. "At one point of the triangle is one person, at the second point of the triangle is the other person and third point of the triangle is the relationship that both of them have"

    loved this statement! :)

  2. Dar Sb
    You always impress the readers with you powerful writings, this is another nice and purposefull effort, i liked that.
    Pyar se barh kar nahee dunya mein koi roshni
    Pee gaye yeh roshni to aina ho jao gay
    Guftugoo meethi karo har shakhs se jhuk kar milo
    Dushmunoon kay wastay bhi dilruba ho jao gay

  3. Thanks Peerless for your valuable sharing.

  4. I liked the pattern Sir! Specially the triangle's functioning.. pointing upwards and downwards..

  5. Thanks Komal and I have discovered many such patterns since writing this :)

  6. hmm....again remarkable post....

    The triangle made by two people with the help of the realtionship they both exist between them...can't be same.

    I have my triangle as I have my way of relationship with you which is not neccessary your way of triangle...because you made your triangle the way you want to develop the relationship with me....

    Intrestiing...actually....good food for thinking...and to wonder....

    How youy come up with such thinking...Dar Sahib?

  7. I have to re-read your DEEP post when not so tired but I just found this AFTER reading your's as I looked for Surah & reflections for my own recent work and found this. Maybe it related to your's at least in part?

    "Being married forces you to fine tune those not-so-great-aspects of yourself and strive to be better. Love comes in here too; when you are
    in a loving relationship (and in love and loved); you have this amazing reservoir of energy within you that allows you to flourish and nurture. It brings out the best in you and makes you strive to be better because someone cares and loves you; and vice versa. It is kind of like how we instinctively react to another's perception of us, when they think well of
    us and believe in us, we want to do even better; but when they disparage us we will get defensive. Is it any wonder that our beloved
    prophet (saw) said that marriage is half of faith?" from Islamic...pearls of wisdom - geocities...

    Yet your's Dar Sahib brings up some fresh perspectives indeed.

  8. http://oneheartforpeace.blogspot.com/2011/04/bewilderment.html

  9. Really like this article ...a circle that completes a relationship between two persons is well defined by a triangle...

  10. Thanks Thinking for your insight. Yes two people share a triangular space but this space is justifies according to their own interpretation.

  11. Connie Thanks for sharing all this from Islamic traditions.

  12. Here's the real truth about human relationships: MOST OF US HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED TO FAIL IN OUR RELATIONSHIPS, no matter how much we want to succeed.

    To make matters worse, much of what we've learned about relationships, from romance novels, t.v., movies, or talking with friends--is just plain wrong!

    Let's face it. You've got a better chance of surviving cancer today than you do of having a successful long-term relationship. This includes marriage, living with someone, business partnerships, and many other social unions.

    Most people go through life without ever understanding the key elements that make their relationships succeed or fail. I know the purpose of this Report is to shed some light on this very important subject but unfortunately you are making it worst. So leave it.

    by the way....

    To keep your marriage brimming
    With love in the loving cup,
    Whenever you're wrong admit it,
    Whenever you're right, shut up!

  13. Thanks Sharmeela for your version, which brings a much needed balance here :)

  14. i disagree with you because in my view relationship is a straight line in which at one end is you and at the other end is me. in centre is the relationship. as one approaches to the centre he sees all the positives and as he reproaches towards the beginning he sees the negatives. the centre is the mirror

  15. @t yes this is another perspective.