Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Day in the Life of a Sunflower

Out in pitch darkness as I open my eyes I see a haze in deep ends of the horizon, nothing is moving, and all that I see beyond is a stillness and a tranquility, but something behind all that is behind is waking up like a gentle giant and it looks that any moment it would get up take out its head out of the large shrouded mist of opaque and everything would come to light.

The mellow gentle giant wakes up rubbing eyes and as I see that mellow tranquility lit up its mark on horizon every part of my body from roots to the each petal of flower just start singing the hymn of the Lord and I have no other thought at this point of time except one thought one mantra that comes again and again and resonates in my whole self pulsating and vibrating one sounds, one echo love, love, love.

The mellow of the gentle giant turns into rich gold and the this glorious object now stands tall in its full majestic brightness the world call it SUN and for me that is a BELOVED. With its presence now I have nowhere else to look, nothing else to seek and nobody else to turn to. So I sway with its movement from one end to the other till a time comes which people call a twilight.

As the evening sets in twilight cast an evil spell and my beloved sinks in the oblivion and with that all my cheerfulness, joy and delight leaves my heart just like a arrow that leaves a bow.

The darkness of night brings with it the quietness of death, and each night with death of each day’s sun I mourn with acute grief and die before death to see another day and another sun to rise.


  1. hmmm....another sun to rise....

    Dar Sahib...what a poetic discription...

    Every human also reacts the same...every night bring the confidence of the next day and every day brings the light....

    hmm...a very bright a sun at peek...

  2. Thanks Thinking lets celebrate another day another sun.

  3. Hi, Nice article.

    It is always interesting to interpret world's beauty in different ways and Sun flowers gives space for a lot of ways to interpret. Surely there are lots of symbolism in it.

    Unfortunately I do not believe that Sun Flower has any thing to do with your post. It is a flower fairly easy to grow as long as they have plenty of sun, water, and fertile soil if it had name which was choosen for him by someone, I believe like you as it can't even pick a name for himself, doesn't confess anything to sun.

    It is fun to search for hidden messages, but just beware!

    I have seen some hideous exemples (that could be yours too but never mind) of what you can produce if you really want to prove a far-fetched thesis upon a poor flower just because its named after SUN.

    Remember: They are just flowers...are fairly easy to grow as long as they have plenty of sun, water, and fertile soil.

  4. Well, there's lots to discuss here, as usual. :)

    I happen to love sunrise and sunset and twilight best...and can't say why...and yet some 24 hours I may love one better than the other. Often the light is so refreshing and healing and other times the sunrise promises a little more quiet for some days or the healing after storms outer or inner. Sometimes the departure of the sunrise leads to the most glorious silent colors if we wait for the brilliant ones to the serene violet and the trail of pinkish lavender bring about almost like a secret from the Divine all around...

    Nevertheless, I resonate with all you post so well..this may be a great addition to your book on love...

    As far as using sunflowers or whatever we chose to harmonize with our posts...I love your choices every time. For me there need be no literal match at all...metaphors simply can't be parallel in every way and need not even be in ANY way...yet just a little hint of some aspect for the poster/artist.

    I like to be rather wild and free when it comes to designing a post...

    Don't stop whatever you are doing's working well for me and others.

    By the way, I left you a response to earlier one... on both your site and mine...

  5. Thanks Sharmeela for an elaborate comment.

  6. Yes Connie taking your advise I have been moving and would keep like that, your comments provide the right type of fuel to move forward.

  7. through this post i can feel the romance and strong emotions of the flower that has for its BELOVED sun

  8. @t yes the eternal romance which we have with life.