Friday, 22 April 2011

Miracles happen through Others

We are nothing when we are just on our own we are a spectacle when we come into contact with others. Miracles are performed by a person when s(he) comes into contact with others. Miracles are performed through the help of others. The goodness in you, the compassion in me is meaningless if either of us is missing in the act.

The miracle of love, healing, kindness can only be performed when there is the other who makes this miracle happen. We need others' to make all this work; I need you to make this possible as much as you need me. Life is a spectacle and a miracle when I and You become We. Let's celebrate our existence which means accepting each other in this eternal symphony of life, making it a voyage of light, colors and fragrance.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

You according to Me

A relationship that is between two people is always triangular. At one point of the triangle is one person, at the second point of the triangle is the other person and third point of the triangle is the relationship that both of them have, within the space of that triangle lies the bond that both are sharing and making it absolutely unique relationship as against any other relationship that they have with any other person or people.

You are according to me what you are in this relationship triangle. I cannot know you in reference to any other person, I know you according to the dynamics of our triangular space that we have created.

So if I describe what you are that would be 'you according to me' strictly in accordance with the aforementioned pattern.

When I look at you with an intent where triangle of our relationship is peaking upwards, I find out all the positive aspects that are part of my personality seems reflecting in you also, humor, natural flair for good things, honesty, kindness, respect and love for all around.

When I look at you with an intent where triangle of our relationship is facing downward, the things which I conceal from other looks ominously reflecting in you, that is, loneliness of soul due to self possessiveness, ego, stubbornness and self love, they all looks so prominent in you that I know and recognize instantly.

You provide an insight into my personality, what goodness you have and which I admire in you, I see that in myself and whatever negativity that I have and I conceal from others I see in you, so you are a mirror and a transparent medium through which I see myself, you and the world.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Standing at a Seashore

Our ability to understand this world lies in our ability to interact with others. Standing alone at a sea shore and seeing high tides in distance rising and dying at my feet on the beach , I enjoy this solitude but what name I should give to this feeling when seeing tides rise then fall and then die at my feet, I want to name this flow and ebb that is making a distinct mark on my sensibility but what it is I would not know because this is trapped inside me as an echo and all the time what I hear is what I think, as if I am in a tunnel.

The murky gloom at seaside vanishes as the sun comes out blazing from cloud cover and I see you, you standing there alone as well, I take courage, break the shekels and move to meet you.

You raise your gaze and I know what the ascending of tide means and when you lower your gaze I know what dying of tides meant. Then you spoke and told me that elation of tides bring a feeling of search and inquisition in you and when the tides ebb you don’t feel dejected but feel satisfied that the search has a meaning and when the tides die on your feet and sand moves under your feet giving way to new sand you feel the meanings realizing and culminating at your end.

A feeling and its meaning that was trapped inside me as an echo when it meets your understanding it just lights up everything for me as if a circuit is completed and everything gets Illuminated. Now I name this feeling as search and awareness but after my interaction with you, you say it is love, I agree to this understanding of yours and now we say that it is search for truth and love.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


I am, what I am to You, while I write myself with a capital I and you with a small y, you remained an enigma, another, an unknown and a barrier. When I write You with a capital Y as well, You become a mirror, a reality, a self and a companion.

I first saw myself as You in eyes of my mother, the gaze that she sets on me was such that it felt like a bliss showering from an eternal source infinitely. Then time to time I saw that bliss in other people I met but I thought that it was just random and subjective. But that was my naiveté as I thought of myself and not of others, as that approach changed I felt a wonderment never known before to me, when you became You and I became self to selfless. You became my mirror and I became what you mirror.

I am nothing when You are not there, I am what I am, because whatever I know I know that through You, therefore whoever You are I respect and Love You.