Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Day in the Life of a Sunflower

Out in pitch darkness as I open my eyes I see a haze in deep ends of the horizon, nothing is moving, and all that I see beyond is a stillness and a tranquility, but something behind all that is behind is waking up like a gentle giant and it looks that any moment it would get up take out its head out of the large shrouded mist of opaque and everything would come to light.

The mellow gentle giant wakes up rubbing eyes and as I see that mellow tranquility lit up its mark on horizon every part of my body from roots to the each petal of flower just start singing the hymn of the Lord and I have no other thought at this point of time except one thought one mantra that comes again and again and resonates in my whole self pulsating and vibrating one sounds, one echo love, love, love.

The mellow of the gentle giant turns into rich gold and the this glorious object now stands tall in its full majestic brightness the world call it SUN and for me that is a BELOVED. With its presence now I have nowhere else to look, nothing else to seek and nobody else to turn to. So I sway with its movement from one end to the other till a time comes which people call a twilight.

As the evening sets in twilight cast an evil spell and my beloved sinks in the oblivion and with that all my cheerfulness, joy and delight leaves my heart just like a arrow that leaves a bow.

The darkness of night brings with it the quietness of death, and each night with death of each day’s sun I mourn with acute grief and die before death to see another day and another sun to rise.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Reality, Fantasy and Obscurity

A friend said "I dream and fantasize about certain things...... but I know that they are just fantasies and they would vanish in the face of truth". I think this is an absurd way of looking at the world. We have stereotyped our world in such a manner that all dreams, visions and fantasies have become obscure.

Man is not creator of things like God. Man is a pro creator and helps in discovering what already lies shrouded in the mist of creation which are there since the dawn of the day of creation. God creates from nothing and man creates from that something which God has already created for instance an idea.

Our fantasy triggers from an idea and germinates like a seed to become a conscious reality. If we are serious to materialize our fantasies than the fantasies which are also lurking to transcend from the mass of abstraction to the world of expression would also be serious to manifest. But if we are unsure, casual and doubtful about them then they too would be shy and hesitant to manifest. To fantasy this world of reality holds attraction only if the dreamer and the one who fantasizes is ready to accept them as real.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Other People, Hell and Sartre

My question is a window through which I see and my answer is what I see.

When I raise a question and You answer, it means I see through my window the world you have perceived.

When You raise a question and I answer, it is my vision of the world that you see through your window.

My questions and your answers and Your questions and my answers are making all this a very interesting imagery that is being written, drawn and painted by our interaction.

What I see through your answer is You and how you perceive me. What you see through my answer is me and how I perceive you.

This interaction is making our world richer and greater but only when we share and respect each other. The world is as beautiful and as miserable as we understand it and make it look. I am quite startled when I read from Jean Paul Sartre (1905-1980) “there is no hell, other people is hell”. This world view is acquired from personal isolation and reflects not only how he is viewing other people but in fact how other people view him. The hell that is reminiscent in others is actually a hell scorching and burning in oneself.

The other is me, outside and on the other side of my window, if he is in peace I am in peace, if he is in hell I can’t be in heaven.