Saturday, 29 May 2010

Love is Alpha and Omega

Totally unconditional, for all, without any rhyme and reason, available not on demand but as a way of life, this is love for me. I have not to see who is who while I love; I have just to see that I do that. I have a very simple idea about love, it is something which does not need reciprocity, and it has nothing to do with sympathy, forgiveness and possessiveness. It is something without motives, without any measure of incentives or gratification. There is no give and take in love; it is just pure form of bliss.

Just visualize the mother and Infant, the love of mother is so translucent that without love we see nothing else, her caring, her nurturing, her dedication, her every effort and gesture in comforting the child are the prime example of love that we see without much notice. Then the other most unnoticed love is the love that God shows towards us. He loves us like our mothers or even more, totally unconditional, without any sort of incentive and motives. He loves all those who respond to his love and He also loves all those who are antagonist.

Everything in universe shows this unconditional love for everything (*). Just look at the trees they just share their riches with us without incentives, the sun, the moon, the beautiful twinkling stars, the cool morning breeze, the colorful spring, the warm winter afternoons, the roaring lakes in the beautiful valleys and the lush green landscapes, oh what a sight, they all give us so much without any demand. This all is just to remind us that nature shows us the way of love.

There is a legend that Cranes, the large and graceful long-legged birds, frequently carried small birds on their backs during the long migratory flights, especially when crossing over water while traveling between Northern Europe and Africa. This is another example of nature showing us the way of love.

So what is love: to me it is Alpha and Omega!

(*)Line inspired from Urooj Malik's post on Universality and Human Beings at


  1. beautiful! and so very true

  2. You have described Love in a beautiful way i have ever seen, and so many times i got this inspiration by your posts, and this is an honor for me that you mentioned about my post.

    Thank you so much, Sir.

  3. Wow! Love is Alpha and Omega

    Love is a constant with Infinity..

    Beautiful Sir!

  4. hmmm....Dar very true and touching...

    You have with your writing touched I think all of far as the comments goes...all the ladies...specially... :D

    I really like the way you portray or sketched the word LOVE...with the help of all other synonyms.

    Thanks for sharing....

  5. So glad to see this unusually universal and beautiful post on the rare chance this week to notice email. This fits in beautifully with observing family love toward one another here on family trip and such a reminder of some of the amazing qualities of the God who loves us all in this way. My gratitude for all other friends here as well.

    The line Komal pointed out will go with me on this day of a wedding:

    "Love is a constant with Infinity" ! How could anything describe Love better with so few words?

  6. I am a female writer and MBA from Karachi, Pakistan. I must appreciate what you have written, your meticulous thinking and talent shone through all the way. Honestly just browsing through good blogs and intelligent writers like you to join YOUR blog listen to YOUR VIEWS ON MY POSTS TOO.
    Don’t expect any nosy friendship….AND
    Don’t forget to give me star ratings, comment on blog and subscribe to Posts—FOLLOW too… sorry I m getting carried away *sheepish smile*!!

  7. Zee
    Thanks for your visit and the liking that you showed.

    Urooj Malik
    Thanks and sometimes I feel we share many things and thought just alike and some of your insights just complete my missing links.

    Komal Khan
    You say so much with minimal words as pointed out by dear friend Connie, I can attribute this to your learning from Shafique Sahib and great influence of Allama Iqbal.

    I am pleased that the writing touched you, women always have better emotional comprehension than men, men pretend to possess that but when it matters they are found wanting.

    You have rightly pointed out to the line from Komal that is so exquisite and thoughtful. Loved your comment on a day when it was least expected, but you are always there when we think of you.

    Nice to know your credentials and the daring way you approached I really liked. Thanks for your comments and just visited your blog, you don’t have top demand stars, your post itself is studded with stars.

  8. oh thanks Akhter.. u really lifted my spirit wid ur candid appreciation!!.. be a follower if u so desire. and star ratings are alwayyys cherished since childhood days by ppl. who r still kids-at-heart like me :DDDDD

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    Thanx in advance,

  10. Sir, you just give me an honor again with your answer.
    "Thanks and sometimes I feel we share many things and thought just alike and some of your insights just complete my missing links."

    I think it is just because of one reason may be, because we both are poets, although i am not a good one, but try sometimes.

  11. Urooj
    Would like to read your poetry, a poet is a poet, good or bad are very relative terms, and we can not apply this to poetry. Poetry is a thought,captured in time and space and each poet has a distinction of capturing a different or same thought but in different space and time, which makes him unique. So please do not hesitate to share your poetry, which would be as unique as an individual is.

  12. hmm...Dar Sahib and Urooj...I have though missed few comments here but still I can participate...

    I add just that...Urooj...I am also willing to read you and your work too....hmmm....

    Do let me know when?

    Again the credit goes to Shafique Sahib who polished such a gem and presented to us...

  13. Thinking I would say Shafique Sahib is a gem of a person.