Tuesday, 31 August 2010

What is Hope?

When the majestic sun shines with all its glory our hope rests in the sunshine that it will bring everything to limelight and we would be aware of all that is there to be aware of. But when the sun sets and darkness eats up every remaining twinkle of light, a tiny small candle lit up in pitch darkness as a ray of hope for those who believe that a single candle can overwhelm the darkness that is around.

What is hope: It is a belief that a thing or an event would eventually turn out the way that we want it to be.

But what actually hope is? Hope is God; He quietly sits in our unconsciousness and pulsates in our each heart beat as a hope. He shines in our blinking eyes as a ray of hope. He resonates in our ears as a message of hope. He glows in our broad smile as a beam of hope.

So when we have a hope, we actually have God on our side!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Is Flood Washing Away Our Hope?

Everything is created from water and everything returns to its origins.(Al-Quran)

So it is, water is all over the place,we have heard of many Floods, but we have now seen the devastation the floods make in our own times in our own homeland. Millions of people have been displaced no home, no shelter no food, water all over but not a single drop of water to drink, the only pure form of water is the one dripping from the eyes of the flood victims which is washing away and drowning in the flood water.

The hope, which is the basic denominator to live and see forward is at its ebb, hope which springs from faith in God, in system and in people, this time around is simply missing, the faith in system and people have just vanished as the people stranded in water have suffered and suffered waiting for the help to reach them but it has been slow and the momentum never built up.

Most of the affected are losing the other faith also very quickly. An unthinkable event has occurred in a village that has just shaken me and I am completely lost to comprehend what this mind set could result in. In a relief camp a father told a news reporter that while fleeing the floods his family abandoned four children because they could have saved their children or their cow, so they preferred to save their cow!

If this is any test than most of us have failed, but the realization of this can still save us, realization that hope in our hearts mean that God is still there and with Him being still there even everything lost is not yet lost as the courage and fortitude that we show is what God cherishes in his creation and all Prophets, messengers near and dear to him were tested to show their mettle, so God could show to unbelievers what faith really means in times of devastation and calamity when it is cast on those who have everything but they lose everything except the faith.

This flood and this devastation could be the breeding ground and genesis of a new Pakistan, this flood water could mean ablution for 20 million devastated people and a new way and a new opportunity in this crises could result if we cling to the faith, hope and do just what is needed in this time of crises, 150 million people can easily take care of 20 million people, seven people have to take care of one person only this is not a big deal its only matter of realization that we can do it.