Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Day of Judgment and Collective Consciousness

In the Islamic tradition the ending of times is attributed as QAIMAT the literal meaning of this word is standing. When we stand during the prayers while reciting from Holy Quran it is also called Qayam, on the Day of judgment when the whole humanity would be gathered and standing witness to Allah's command of مالک یوم الدین(the owner of the day of judgment) this would be the time when collective consciousness of humanity would be at work. This is not the Day of Judgment for individuals because if individual efforts would have mattered they would have been sorted out instantly on death of each individual; there would have been no need for resurrection of the whole humanity at once. The Day of Judgment is the day of reckoning for collective efforts, on this day one multitude would find themselves facing the bliss of the Beloved and the other group being denied of that and hence would be in anguish.

The aim of nature was to see how humanity finds its way collectively and what picture it depicts when it works collectively. The world was the place to exhibit this as all short comings of individual efforts were given power of equilibrium and power to propel when bunched together, because the word adam means the potential of living and striving together that's why man had prayed fervently and passionately ایاک نعبد و ایاک نستعین
(We only pray to You in submission and from You only do we seek help) this was a collective prayer and can only bring benifits and change when men work collectively.