Saturday, 14 May 2011

Selfish and Selfless

The biologist says self preservation is the strongest instinct of a living organism so in humans also this is the dominant feature. But then biologist only knows human body and is commenting on this specifically and is not aware of the Midas that when touches human body makes it into something special beyond the investigative domain of a laboratory. That Midas is human spirit, which when comes into contact with flesh makes this organism a spectacle, that makes all certainties look merely a wayward guess.

Yes self preservation as a biological entity could be the most dominant force in humans for survival like other species but love is the most potent denominator of human species. The sacrifice that we see around in various human relationships from motherhood to the motherland are so exemplary that the self preservation thesis stands defeated.

Humans don't preserve their bodies they instead preserve their spirits, ideals, ideas and everything they believe and love. Biologist think life is selfish, I say human life is selfless and each human being provides an ample proof of that time and again.