Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Geography of Love

A man in perfect attire walks towards an elevator besides him is walking a woman in somewhat ordinary outfit, both put their feet same time on the elevator and at the same time start to ascend. The man looks at the woman and smiles; his smile is not a gesture of greeting the fellow human being but is a freakish one that meant how miserable you are and how fortunate I am considering your state of affairs. The woman responses by smiling and blinking her eyes which meant I understood what you actually meant. The elevator is ascending taking both upwards but the man is ascending to a different height than the woman. Man is engrossed in his state of well being that has an air of arrogance, so he is elevating to a pompous height of ego, on the other hand, woman a simple humble individual recognizing that the man seems an egocentric person and would feel happy if she shows her humility and humbleness that would make man feel proud and he would feel his stature mounting, so she makes the man feel like that. At that time the woman ascends to a different level of elevation as she let's go her ego and is fully immersed in the sea of love in which she loses everything and gains all that is there to be gained: a simple and unconditional state of love, that showers like a blissful light.

When they both alight from the elevator they both have gained from the fountain of love and both are in state of ecstasy that was made possible by one smile :)