Saturday, 14 May 2011

Selfish and Selfless

The biologist says self preservation is the strongest instinct of a living organism so in humans also this is the dominant feature. But then biologist only knows human body and is commenting on this specifically and is not aware of the Midas that when touches human body makes it into something special beyond the investigative domain of a laboratory. That Midas is human spirit, which when comes into contact with flesh makes this organism a spectacle, that makes all certainties look merely a wayward guess.

Yes self preservation as a biological entity could be the most dominant force in humans for survival like other species but love is the most potent denominator of human species. The sacrifice that we see around in various human relationships from motherhood to the motherland are so exemplary that the self preservation thesis stands defeated.

Humans don't preserve their bodies they instead preserve their spirits, ideals, ideas and everything they believe and love. Biologist think life is selfish, I say human life is selfless and each human being provides an ample proof of that time and again.


  1. yes...human life is selfless....

  2. its strange that you write the same time when your other part wrote? it shows your connectivity with your other self, its always like this but you are not accepting the fact. starnge it may seems but it not game. be ware.

  3. Dear Sharmeela...I don't know what make you believe that Dar Sahib and 'I' are same? hurt my do.

    So...what shall I do to give you the evidence or to prove myself?


  4. Yes Thinking Human life is selfless as we see.

  5. Sharmeela yes it is not a game and it is a reality!

  6. Thinking
    You don't have to give any evidence she knows!

  7. Humans don't preserve their bodies they instead preserve their spirits..

    mushkil hai bohot mujh se iss shay ki negehbani..

  8. buhhahah!


    ...can only happen in imagination :p

  9. Huma
    It's not very difficult, although we have made it look difficult, because the most natural ally of life is spirit as without it, it can not survive.

  10. rIZ I am happy that you agreed that it can happen, although in imagination, which is the birth place of all reality. So whatever is imagined becomes reality.

  11. :D of course Sir, everything we see was once an imagination... i was talking (writing) about something else :p

    It's so difficult to write between the lines :/ damn!

  12. @Thinking:Akhtar, why not accept the facts?

    I know, you know and let everyone else know.What ar you hiding there?

    You talked same you write same, infact you like to have two personalities you played well but if look closely everyone can say you two are one. What evidence you may give I know, but I dont want to give it a damn.So before I thought that you are having split personality problem but the real problem is that you are playting it all and I think its not a problem at all.

    Enjoy yourself. We all have rights to remain silence yeah but we can be good listeners so try me when you need professional help which I am sure you will be needing in few days from now on, I am counting here.

  13. That Midas is human spirit, which when comes into contact with flesh makes this organism a spectacle, that makes all certainties look merely a wayward guess....

    I love that you remind us over and over of our potentials and gifts...not ONLY in the future or maybe not completely realized but also in the NOW. I will take these reminders with me today.

    Sharmeela, I am confused what you mean? But if I take your words for it, could be that we all partake of similar hopes and traits if we have found our way to these same blogsites/posts?

    Also, from the Sufi tradition, the Enneagram also explains underlying meaning, motivation traits which can make some of us similar in heart language and others similar in intellectual and activist language and some may bridge between the "types"...nevertheleass these are often hidden and many choose to keep these so for good reasons.

    I see a lot in Dar Sahib and Thinking which is alike and a lot not...both similarities and differences among them are refreshing to me.

    You may also have plenty of intuition and skills, yet perhaps we need to leave people be unless they choose to answer us? :) Was it Lucy in the comic strip who's often trying to psychoanalyze? I used to also have to stop myself from doing so a lot more than I do now...because it was so interesting to do so.

    Plz ignore whatever of this response is not helpful.

    Nevertheless, I am grateful for the balance I get from several of you EACH time I go to see the blogposts at RR.

    I love the conversations you have, Dar Sahib,
    with rlZ and this one on REALITY coming form imagination is among the most interesting. This is one of my lifelong themes.

  14. Thanks Connie what an elaborate and helpful comment you have written, the kind of clarity and balance that you display we at RR always look forward to that and keep waiting for the beautiful and positive comments which are your hallmark.

  15. it is different to be a human so preserving the spirit, ideals or ideas is much more a difficult task but once a person is humane then he do it very easily

  16. Greetings,

    What a beautiful point this post makes.

    All good wishes,


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