Friday, 22 April 2011

Miracles happen through Others

We are nothing when we are just on our own we are a spectacle when we come into contact with others. Miracles are performed by a person when s(he) comes into contact with others. Miracles are performed through the help of others. The goodness in you, the compassion in me is meaningless if either of us is missing in the act.

The miracle of love, healing, kindness can only be performed when there is the other who makes this miracle happen. We need others' to make all this work; I need you to make this possible as much as you need me. Life is a spectacle and a miracle when I and You become We. Let's celebrate our existence which means accepting each other in this eternal symphony of life, making it a voyage of light, colors and fragrance.


  1. these lines so much...

    "...the compassion in me is meaningless if either of us is missing in the act."

    Good Post Dar Sahib.

  2. I"m wondering if you are adding these to your book on "Love" or another?

    As usual, your posts bring so many memories and potential conversations. Since I'm one who never seems to get enough time alone (I am so grateful for each day I get the chance to follow through a thought, poem, post, reading, chapter in my book.) However, there are other days when I recognize my own imbalance. So I do look forward to seeing you talk about this need for both the solitude and the reaching out...

    Today I'm reminded, on our Good Friday, how sometimes life may honor a life which may be in part or largely solitary - maybe even at the moment of a death on a "cross" of some kind.

    A wonderful woman just left today who lost her husband and total ten members of their team while they administered medical help to people in great need. Yet, despite this great loss for both she and the three daughters they raised in this faraway land for thirty years, she understands what may have gone wrong, how her country or origin and certain misinterpretations of her spirituality may be part of the problem. She has no malice.

    Today she is largely alone and needs wants the same at this time in her life. Yet she has pushed herself out of her own grief to visit all the other ten families in grief, to go where she may be of some use to others even after her husband's death - showing by her life another way.

  3. Thanks Connie for sharing thoughts.

  4. Dear Friend,

    I feel that I was out of order in sharing those particular somber thoughts on you beautiful VIVID and helpful posts. Plz forgive.

    I LOVE your post and NEED the same.


  5. Dear Connie you don't need to tell I know :) thanks

  6. Congrats that you are at least elevated one of your dual person from your life. And this is just the begining.

  7. Life is a spectacle and a miracle when I and You become We.....very true

  8. Greetings,

    Thank you for this post. You *gave* it to us. We received it. That's a miracle.

    This is a beautiful brief, and yet so full of impact.

    All good wishes,