Monday, 5 July 2010

My, Your and Our World

I had only three colors in my palette, besides white paste: blue, red and yellow. I had to paint a canvas showing dawn to dusk in a landscape. How I am going to manage all this with only three colors? But once I started amalgamating and mixing blue with yellow and yellow with red and red with blue, and in between dabbing white paste to tone down or brighten the colors, all hues, tones and shades just started to flow on the canvas.

Likewise in life each one us is endowed with creativity by our Creator. Like three primary colors Blue, Yellow, Red and white paste, He has given us the Intellect, Faith, Love and Time, through which each one of us create our own world.

It is just like painting life where we have Blue of Intellect, Yellow of Faith, Red of Love and White Paste of Time. With these three we create other colors of life. When we mix Red of Love with Yellow of Faith we create Orange of Compassion. When we add Red of Love with Blue of Intellect the result is Violet of Creative Spirituality. When we add Blue of Intellect with Yellow of Faith the Green results as Balance , Equanimity and Equilibrium of Life. White Paste of Time provides a balancing act in harmonizing the depths.

Each one of us create our own world with these prime colors, results are different only in tones and hues due to the intensity with which each individual applies his own color, but each one of us and his world is as true as the world of anybody else. The beauty of all this lies in the variety and individuality, which results from our different moods, compulsions and uniqueness that as individuals we possess and reflect.