Monday, 21 November 2011

Unforgettable Waheed Murad

His Seven Roles a Challege to Chocolate Hero Image

November 23rd marks the day when in 1983 Waheed Murad bade farewell to his mortal abode and walked up the stairs of immortality, and 28 years after that day we still find him in our midst, more close to us today than when he was shinning on the horizon of Pakistan Film Industry, and even still closer than what we feel about most of the living mortals.

Commonly he is labelled as a chocolate hero who had a lot of female following and one who could run around trees singing, dancing and charming heroines, but this is not a very plausible description of his talents as an actor. Waheed Murad's public appeal rests on the diverse roles that he played and portrayed the sentiments of common people, the roles with which masses used to identify him as one of them. The charisma and appeal of his innocent and easy going looks when translates on celluloid into roles of multitudes made him the darling of film going public of all ages and gender.

The seven roles of the commoner that I personally liked and always could see people identifying themselves with are Donkey cart dweller of film Heera aur Pather( 1964), Mental Doctor of Ehsan (1967), Peasant of Phir Subha Ho Ge (1967) Fisherman of Samander(1968),), Labourer of Ak Nagina (1969), Postman of Mastana Mahi (1971)and Taxi Driver of Wada (1976).

All these roles distinctively bore an anti chocolate hero image, but the way he depicted them aroused great affection and admiration for him among all segment of society, and they all looked up to him as an idol, but not just as a matinee idol, but an icon that transformed lives of ordinary people on silver screen and made them the real heroes of society. This was not possible without the trust that he had in his art and the trust in the believe that to reach to the people’s heart and mind the artist has to be the part of populous society and seeker of consensus art, an art form which is only possible when artist looks outward to society and produces a dynamic and vibrant piece of work which consumes his passion and translates that into compassion.

PS: 1-Waheed Murad's photograph is from his own production Samander released in 1968
2-Consensus Art/Literature is a term coined by brother Khurram Ali Shafique


  1. This is indeed very interesting and wonderful to see Waheed Murad not just as a charming hero but the representative of the common man of our society, he showed the worth of a common man and hence the society which is moving forward on the shoulders of these people.

    Thank you for this valuable post, AWD.

  2. In fact, Waheed Murad was dedicated to promote hope, patriotism and moral values.
    He wrote the stories accordingly for the films. He starred many self-produced films - all for the betterment of the country and the nation,

    Since he was result oriented he had sincerity of purpose; thus he persued his film career very seriously.

    The nation is still unable to find a replacement.

  3. Yes Tariq Mian I also feel that Waheed Murad promoted hope, patriotism and moral values.

  4. I'm very glad to see once more this phrase -Consensus Art/Literature which has really deepened my appreciation of art from not only your traditions and artist/writers but given me a higher goal to seek in self and others.

    I'm glad to see again that our subject is indeed no "ordinary" hero.

  5. Yes, thanks for mentioning the term "consensus art/literature" :)

    I have also felt the same about the roles which you have mentioned. Wada was so really unusual that I was completely fascinated by that movie when I was in college - I found the role to be quite "Shakespearean" in the sense that it took to the extreme limits of a character trait, and beyond.

    Am yet to watch Phir Subh Ho Gi.

  6. 'Me' vs 'Modern Me'
    "YAAAAAAAAyy!!! Super-Hero!!!





    What? Fisherman? Laborer? DONKEY CART DRIVER!!!

    And his films were popular!?


    "Stupid! We'll have to see his films and re-define 'Super-Hero'"

  7. Connie our subject was never an ordinary hero but always stood for "ordinary people" whom he loved.

  8. Khurram Sahib we are grateful to you for introducing us to consensus literature/art, which has made us proud of our heritage. Thanks for giving your insight on "Wada".

  9. rIZ, monologue or dialogue ? Thanks for your presence which always bring smile :)

  10. from my parents and the people belongint to generation before me has always introduced Waheed Murah as a chocolate hero and that how i have know but reading your blog motivates me to watch his movies and discover his patriotic, social and a person who portrays the society so well. We need to give a look to our past to clear our minds and we need better interpreters like you....such a lovely post

  11. t, Waheed Murad has never lost his audience, till today he has huge following and it is because his focus was people and they continue to love him.