Friday, 30 September 2011

In Retrospective


A journey that takes place on the next day of birth and moves through the seven valleys, crosses seven oceans, reaches to seven heavens, ascends and descends in itself and into itself and lasts for seven days, seven periods and seven lifetimes.

21 September: journey is stepping out of self and moving in all those directions where there is any imminent chance of finding a possible path that may lead to quench the thirst. This is the thirst that leads one to the oasis.

22 September: an oasis is a place which keeps one grounded; one doesn’t want to leave the coolness, the warmth, the satisfaction, the engrossing closeness and the beauty those eminences from whatever you look at.

23 September: heart and mind fight, the meaning and thoughts quarrel both have an ax to grind, heart has its own ways and mind its own. Heart wants to stay, mind wants to travel, and movement takes precedence as head is stationed above heart.

24 September: the first milestone is so satisfying that the other possible paths that lay across and ahead seems meaningless, but the possibilities that those paths carry makes the desire of letting go of this satisfying junction to move ahead.

25 September: the consensus of heart and mind develops and a unique consciousness takes form. The inside world takes the outside world as a partner and co creator, water extinguishes fire and fire burns water, thus the dichotomy ends.

26 September: the novelty of new a realization opens a flood of mysteries and on the waters of that flood floats whatever there is to be seen and under the currents swims all that which is possible.

27 September: the beginning needs an end but not necessarily the dead end so what is afloat drowns to see what is beneath and what is beneath rises to see what is afloat. Quest to find and know optimizes itself and then actualization of it surfaces, sinks, rises and converge into light that is what is there to see.


  1. hmmm....and I hope that this quest of self realization and knowing or finding...brings the peace with in the self and to those too who have been left behind to just...WAIT....

    Because this WAITING and PATIENCE will be QUEST agian for the 'left-behind' people...

    LETTING not easy...rather....heart breaking...anyways....hmm....

    Briliant post !

  2. Letting go is always difficult but always necessary to move forward, moving forward does not means losing what we already have but have that in enriched form. Thanks Thinking for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Both forms are exchanging themselves in this course. Roots forming leaves, leaves forming roots...

    That's what i got...

  4. A wonderful post, showing all beautiful dimensions that one can see and experience in the journey through seven valleys of Attar. Perhaps, this is one of the ways to excel and rise of one's self to reach the heights and touch the stars which are still untouched.

  5. Urooj thanks it is human destiny to rise and reach to the stars as you know our DNA provide amply for that.

  6. A precise and inspiring description of seven valleys of Attar..

  7. Komal this is a personal metaphor which precisely looks like the description of Attar's valleys and this is the magic of Attar.

  8. @Sir Akhtar
    :D dip... where?

  9. I dont know why you have written it but it shows how you are messing up everything around you. Your other self is also not feeling well do still you think that you dont need any help?

  10. dear rIZ
    take where ever it is possible!

  11. @Sharmeela...

    I am happy to see you back too...without you there was lots of fun we were missing...hmmm...

    And Dar Sahib is perfectly ok...don't worry...he has friends...hmm...

  12. :p buhahaha... can't stop laughing!! :D


    your other self has a blog too? :p

    Yeah he is messing up everything! See he has even changed his blog name to "Impressions and Perceptions" :o


  13. Finally got here to see that you have pre-intuited this rich tapestry of metaphors for others - perhaps many others.
    Quest - Did you know that 21 September was designated World Peace Day?

    And of course you express this journey as one both personal as well as touching others' journeys.

    I should know a bit more about these valleys myself in some more days yet probably not much until end of life or beyond.

    Meantime, what a challenging and exciting/life-giving journey - to be stepping out of self (or I would say after Iqbal studies stepping from the Springboard of self and moving toward the Self (or community of All) as you posted "in all those directions where there is any imminent chance of finding a possible path that may lead to quench the thirst."

    Your last line in this section reminds me to never lose this Holy Thirst - at least in this particular space/time frame I understand as a very limited - time on this planet - yet touching infinity - as you have shown: "This is the thirst that leads one to the oasis."

    Shukria, Dar Sahib!


  14. Looking back at the teasing, etc. in the comments...I'm wondering if there is a little Miss Lucy other words, in the US Cartoon, Peanuts, Lucy seeks to always be the analyst. Many times people become analysts of others because: a) this keeps others from analyzing them; b) because they want to understand themselves.

    Yet, as I've learning over and over from the Enneagram and the Holy Books, we can observe and say aha and learn compassion for others by insights yet when we judge others, we are in danger and we block our own ability to help Allah change ourselves.

    Oops, perhaps I've already said to much myself...

    Seriously, I'm glad for the HUMOR which some of "Lucy's" comments have evoked which could be a healthy antidote to too much analysis...

  15. hmm...Dear are a preacher here...

    Believe me this is the best explanation one can get after reading the above comments...

    Perhaps I was too harsh on someone...though I never wanted to hurt....but anyways...its too late I guess...

    But never mind....time is a good healer...I guess...he he he....

    I wonder what Dar taking all from this...?

  16. @ rIZ

    hmm....naughty...but I liked it....hmm

  17. rIZ I am great fan of your extra ordinary sense of precision.a

  18. Connie, thanks for your Lovely and valuable comments. You are so write we need not to critically look at people, because everybody ha s an opinion to offer and opinions and not necessarily judgments’, they can be merely a passing remark that can be just a wondering and on realization can just be shrugged off. The people out there are all so gracious and important that we cannot afford to offend and estrange them.

  19. Thinking, thanks, I always seriously contemplate what ever happens.

  20. hmmm.....

    Woh huye hum say ham kalaam Allah Allah
    Kahan mein kahan yeah muqaam....hmmm...Allah Allah...

  21. I wonder why you guys are so insecure about your own self. if you have any thing to reveal why not do it now before its too late.

  22. I wish I had more access to the Internet these days...

  23. a very mind boggling post

  24. @t, this is seven valleys of Attar according to my present state :)