Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Pearl

A mist rises somewhere from the heart and travels upstream, reaches to the windows of self and recollect itself, shines and gleams with the multitude colors of love, desire, bravery, pathos, longing, waiting, distress, melancholy, joy, excitement and hope. The mist now incubates and turns into a pearl in the shell of an eye. When any one from these colors reaches its optimum fullness the incubation ends and the pearl slides down from the lids and become a tear.

Some tears are shed when we are overpowered with agony, some when we are longing for loved ones, some are shed with grief, and there are some which are tears of joy and ecstasy. Some tears are termed as crocodile tears, though the term is vague as no such evidence is available on maligning these creatures with tear bashing.

There is an opinion that the greatest tears are those which are shed due to fear of God. I feel uncomfortable with this term as well. In fear everything dries up even the life giving blood, what to say of tears! God is all love and why fear him, do we fear our mother and father or do we love and respect them? When in times of deep love and remembrance of God tears come out, but these are not due to fear but due to unequivocal love and acute state of bliss.

Tear is the most precious liquid known to man but has a two prong effect; it can make or break a person. This treasure is needed for self insemination hence it is so much different than other precious treasures that one can impart to others. This fluid is for self watering and nourishment and should be preserved and used sparingly for cultivating the personality


  1. A loving, uniquely expansive view of the tear as a pearl...I understand that a the pearl of the sea is formed from irritation. Similarly the tear can irritate when it comes unexpectedly. Yet if we don't feed the same yet learn when "we tear-up" to listen to ourselves or responses we may learn plenty.

    Thank You!

  2. hmm.. Dar Sahib...again a beautifull piece of writing about tears...

    How you collect and display your words...sometimes makes wonder out of them....

    Is this your CRAFT Sir?

    Take Care !

  3. Thanks Connie your response is enlightening.

  4. Thanks Thinking
    this is not my craft, I learned this from you. If I have any craft that is simply telling what I feel but telling honestlty. My honesty can be contested by others but I try to remain that way!

  5. The metaphor "pearl" seems to keep coming up these days!

    Dar Sahib in case you fail to see, I left you a little response after your heart-warming one to my recent Enneagram post.

    Thinking, I can certainly see how Dar Sahib has been learning "craft" from you. I'm SURE many will because it's so unique and consistent.

    Dar Sahib's truth/honesty - we could spend a nice full afternoon outdoors under trees sipping tea discussing this topic - with a few others - with smiles and many other emotions.

  6. Thanks Connie for your respectful comments on your post as well as here.