Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Myth of a Tree

Watch for a good few seconds and you will realize that tree is more than an object of serenity. It's a man, a complete and ideal man.

For me tree has been a symbol of genuineness and completeness of a man. I have always tried to look those qualities in human beings.

Look how it is Standing up tall and with roots firmly grounded showing the attachment with the realities and fundamentals and standing up in face of all odds and diversity facing and confronting without running away as there is no place to run from self.

Even when it is standing alone it does not show loneliness as the branches are like extended arms waiting to welcome the world, without any measure of discrimination on any count. This posture is lively and adamant that it offers unlimited friendship to the world for peaceful coexistence.

High flying birds sits and enjoy their nestling on high branches and at the same time the crawling creatures also crawl and climb at top, that shows tree's companionship can elevate those also to the heights who on their own could have never reached there.

Tree's leaves provide shade in the simmering heat like protecting all those who look forward to their friends and guardians and moments of distress.

Flowers are like beautiful thoughts and speech engaging others with pleasantries and good company.

Fruits are those meaningful acts that benefits others and the only benefit that tree derives from its fruits is the satisfaction that people know and remember tree by its fruit. So are our righteous or otherwise acts with which we are known at large.

The nature has so miraculously designed it that it contains all blue-prints of a complete person that gives everything that it has without seeking any reward and taking back as little as possible.


  1. Never got enough words to comment on your blog and posts, full of beauty..........

  2. Thanks Urooj for your visiting and appreciating the post, I always maintain that the appreciation always shows the richness of the commentator’s mind, vision and inner completeness that mirrors the inner beauty outward when one shows appreciation.

  3. hmm..Dar Sahib...again splendid post...

    I thought about your post alot and I figure out the way tree is so humble and open to every creature...is due to its long roots beneath....

    Older the tree the longer its roots...longer the roots...results healthier and shadowy tree which shows...to be as good as a tree one should have good roots beneath too...

    Roots makes you smart...intelligent...healthy and conversent...you become part of the system...system recognise you as a family and so habitual of you that its other units (creatures) easily rest under your shadow or make their homes on your branches...

    They find you useful because of your healthy fruits and gives you recognation due to your long life and deep roots...

    hmmm....yes tree is wholesome metaphore of a human....

    Thanks for such lively and lovely post...thanks.

  4. Thinking
    You are such a splendid and brilliant interpreter, what a fascinating explanation of roots, I am thrilled.

  5. I too have always loved the tree and my most repeating metaphor of tree has been the way the branches reach out and often are uplifted in awe and receiving from the Creator. Also, some years back I taught a class on journal-keeping and used the metaphor of roots that as writers (or journal-keepers) what we express outwardly is only a small part yet a "telling portion" of where our roots stand. Most recently, I've run across the biologists who claim that trees share energy one with the other.

    You and Thinking have both carried my understanding much further. I am so grateful!

    Funny that I just put my own somewhat analogous post on Love and Need up before reading your own. :) Your post here is so easy to understand (while doesn't skimp on PROFOUND) and teaches me to continue to work to be much more clear.

  6. Allah has made everything in this world for the humans,and He created Human beings to learn a lesson from everything he created.

    The myth of a tree- beautifully expressed by you, is indeed a perfect lesson for a man,that how he should be, & how he should pass his life.

    Tree is open for every creature and also provides it with cool and soothing shade. Thats what can be observed as the rights and duties of every human being on the other...

  7. Connie
    Yes I know you love trees and this post was meant to share my view about trees with you. I always think of you as a most gorgeous tree, that is beautiful, friendly, helpful and mystic.

    Your profound posts when sinks in the conscious awareness of mind and heart creates as lovely effect as anything I know.

  8. Thanks ReeBz, and you are so spot on when you say that everything made by Allah in this world teaches us a lesson or two, it is for us to learn and benefit from it.

  9. shajar e saya daar

    for them i've almost same kind of feelings ..

  10. Thanks HumaA, and shajar-e-saya daar is a beautiful symbolism for a person who is a fatherly figure.