Saturday, 8 May 2010


It was early morning, and I am an early riser, I rise with the sun, when the first rays of sun light knocks at my window.

The window of my bedroom overlooks the lawn and as I glanced at the lawn, the grass was shinning with the morning dew and it looked as if the twinkling stars after waking for whole night were lying at grass blinking their eyes.

There was someone in the lawn. His back was at me and he was holding small garden scissor and was busy in trimming the withered leaves. He was fully immersed in this activity and was completely oblivious of the surroundings. His mannerisms were very cultivated and civilized and he was handling plants very professionally. His each gesture looked in complete harmony with his wholeness. He was breathing and inhaling the freshness of the morning aroma and was looking relaxed.

Then he started talking to the plants, he was whispering something to Ixoras and I felt they responded by swinging the beautiful orange/yellow flowers, at that moment morning breeze was not strong enough to have made them sway. I felt the plants were over vehemently responding to him.

Then he sat on his hunches and very delicately touched the leaves, on a closer look I found he was cleaning them. I Gleaned very intensely from my window on to the leaves and was amazed to find that the leaves were rapidly changing their color, I could not believe my eyes but the sepia of leaves were turning from emerald to viridian. What he was telling to the plants, which made them blush and filled there veins with energy? It must be something very interesting and uplifting as there visual appearance was transcribing the illuminated self of being, vibrant, fulfilled, self sufficient and joyous.

This was the time when he turned and our eyes met and I was starring at myself, there was nobody in the lawn and Ixoras were silent and still. That moment in time it dawned on me that it was a message for me, what I have been neglecting lately.
In the so called busyness of life owing to work and other self centered activities, I was ignoring and compromising on my relationships. Having no time for family, friends and close relatives, who so much look forward to have quality time with me! The relationships need watering, cleaning, preparations and nurturing like plants. If we do not care than this beautiful garden can very quickly convert into a field of weeds.

I pondered for a while a sat down to write my reflections!


  1. Out of context but wonder if you are now reading or have read Museum of Innocence or any other by Orhan Pamuk? (a friend's favorite author) and if you'd rather read and discuss that as well or more so than any other? Back for this post...

  2. Yes, have read and this could be the book to discuss first!

  3. Parveen Rahim9 May 2010 at 01:47

    This is poetry, touched.

  4. hmm...Dar Sahib...very touching indeed...and true..

    But I dont think that you are a kind of person who dont care...

    hmm...I always find you very attentive and caring...

    ...When you saw yourself in the garden means that you are the one who is most caring and knows how to be with family and relationships...

    I am happy for you...there are only few of lucky ones around us who dont get afraid of their own shadow...hmm

  5. Its a lovely post Sir! an immaculate description of nurturing relationships and their importance.

    And I also loved the ending:

    "I pondered for a while a sat down to write my reflections!"

  6. First off, I loved this "twist" on someone knocking on your door...instead it's "when the first rays of sun light knocks at my window"...then the whole scene FEELS shimmering with morning freshness and sparkle and soft mellow light..

    Finally, I'm oh so surprised to read the ending...but why am I that surprised? Must be your craft with word-emotion harmony because I have learned over time that you are EXACTLY as Thinking has spoken: one of "only a few of lucky ones...who (is not) afraid of their own shadow" well put, Thinking...

    And like Komal, I simply LOVE the ending...showing a readiness to learn from what you see when you pay attention.

    And I can see, for one, there is a loving admiring auntie who visits here who adores her time with you, no?

    So we can wait on that book discussion if you wish...but I'm so excited you have read that one...don't worry, you know will take me some time...but I don't think I'll forget...

    KEEP WRITING FRIEND! WOW, it's clear, brilliant writing yet with a soft edge, like your name...

  7. @Parveen Aunty
    Thanks for all time encouragement and support, I am always great admirer of you profound insights in Literature and all domains of knowledge.

  8. @Thinking
    I wish what you said was like that, I try to balance various loops but results are not always accoding to the desires aand aspirations, but I do try! Thanks for the positive understanding that you have about me.

  9. @Komal
    thank you very much for the comments and the appreciation that you have accorded. The last line is very significant for me as my dichotomy lies there!

  10. @ Connie
    To me window is my horizon, small or big whatever it is, I also use my window as a mirror, as a scope, as a perspective!

    Feel small to thank you as the faith that you have placed in me is so great that find words inapt to convey the gratitude.

    Would discuss “ The Museum of Innocence” at your convenience

  11. Great - just ordered the book which is supposed to come by end of week - how interesting this will be to discuss this at same time with both you and my dearest woman friend (who's now reading the book - her favorite author at moment)...

    Thank You!

    For now, I also have in front of me Faust to finally apply myself to and The Tempest - my favorite of Shakespeare plays - to revisit(along with the applications offered at RR with any/all here who have followed these at all given the new attention from our host, Shafique Sahib. Have you seen the new website? :)