Monday, 21 March 2011

Reality, Fantasy and Obscurity

A friend said "I dream and fantasize about certain things...... but I know that they are just fantasies and they would vanish in the face of truth". I think this is an absurd way of looking at the world. We have stereotyped our world in such a manner that all dreams, visions and fantasies have become obscure.

Man is not creator of things like God. Man is a pro creator and helps in discovering what already lies shrouded in the mist of creation which are there since the dawn of the day of creation. God creates from nothing and man creates from that something which God has already created for instance an idea.

Our fantasy triggers from an idea and germinates like a seed to become a conscious reality. If we are serious to materialize our fantasies than the fantasies which are also lurking to transcend from the mass of abstraction to the world of expression would also be serious to manifest. But if we are unsure, casual and doubtful about them then they too would be shy and hesitant to manifest. To fantasy this world of reality holds attraction only if the dreamer and the one who fantasizes is ready to accept them as real.


  1. you said...

    "To fantasy this world of reality holds attraction only if the dreamer and the one who fantasizes is ready to accept them as real."

    I am ready to dream...and fantasize....

    A very good post as usual.

  2. Creation of Man is a part of Man's own self. Hence if Man is doubtful/shy his fantasy also feels shy to get materialized. Both complement each other. Strength of Idea is relative to the strength of Man and vice versa. (That's what I have concluded from this beautiful post of yours.) Thanks for sharing this beautiful insight.

  3. Thanks Thinking and your positivity to fantasize is always there.

  4. Namrah thanks for putting it very coherently.

  5. Very right Sir, I believe every great reality once was a mere fantasy, dream or an idea. Peerless piece of writing, I have no words to appreciate it.

  6. Thanks Peerless for your very kind words

  7. yeah quite right here, look at the invansions so far they are all because men was already thought about it too many times and finally someone took a step to make it happen.
    there are alot of difference between dreaming and working on dream to come true, which kind of person you are?

  8. Sharmeela thanks for commenting. You have written elsewhere that you have training in investigating these issues, could you please analyse yourself what sort of a person I am, as the writer is always present in the text that he writes.

  9. Like Shameela, we don't have to look far to know that most everything efoe our eyes - even structures which amplify, contain, refine and nourish nature - are out of someone's invention, dream, vision. Those who laugh at dreams and visions also deny what is in front of eyes and all over history...

    Of course there's plenty exressing this in all kinds of traditions...

    One of my favorite's from my own tradition is:
    "Faith is the substance of things hoped for...the evidence of things unseen." :)

    Yet as far as current commentary, YOU have expressed this the best I've seen and with a perfect picture.

    I should wait for Sharmeela and am eager for her answer...yet I would dare to say - you are so RIPE and FULL for the most creative decade of your life from all I've seen and have that within you which people of all cultures need to see...

    So, perhaps a spiritual mentor will help you to organize your life and responsibilities for the proper retreats or schedules to accomplish what you must.

  10. well well, please dont make me guilty of accusing you, but as I got the advantage of your permission let me describe you, only briefly:

    You have dual personalities. Your one self is a hard labor man the man which belongs to the world of iron and mend and blend iron to makes things and there is one personality of your which is fragile, delicate,ethreal just like a fairy or a lady.

    You don't need to ashamed of yourself - yyou must know we all have such dual personalities issues at least once in our entire life.

    I can help you !

  11. Thanks Connie for the gracious and very insightful comments, I have always learned and understood things better with your help. You have perfectly pointed for a need for a spiritual mentor and I have no hesitation in pointing out that in the last year or so when I was fighting a ferocious battle of ideas within myself the spiritual healers and mentors were right here in this blogshere, CLN, KAS, HR, UM, KK, HA, SM. All these mentors provided a palliative effect day after day with their positive energy and the creativity that always made things so beautiful and meaningful and I always remain alert to these bloggers call because I find my answers in their queries.

  12. Thanks Sharmeela for your reply which is ground braking for me, although some of your premises has been based on fiction rather than fact, but as I consider fiction also a part of fact, I would like to know how you would help.

  13. I may be helpful when you let me, otherwise there is no point your accepting my help and my offering.

    Fiction is always the part of life, tell me the truth dont you ever went through any circumstances where after few years when you turned to watch them the same incident seems that it happened to someone else, and you were just the viewer?

    Yes, Life is fiction, fiction is everywhere.

    But lets not waste time on what is life. let me ask you my first question:

    How old are you?

  14. Greetings,

    You have such a great knack at composing posts that are, while brief, so full of impact. That's a skill I don't have.

    About this post I like the sense of *certainty* in the ability to manifest what we imagine that you convey.

    All good wishes,