Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Melody of Love

Sound is the starting point, everything emerged after the sound KUN (be) the big bang and everything would rewind on destined day on a sound, SOOR(a trumpet-just like a retreating bugle in an army rank)

The sound that comes from reed flute is the song of separation of reed from reed fields (a metaphor from Rumi ) but it is also a remembrance that sound was the mother from which everything was created. We find that everything in nature whatever classification of life that thing belongs to human, animals, vegetation, minerals, gases, asteroids, planets, galaxies, atom, protoplasm... all have Longing for that sound which started and germinated everything..

When a new day dawns, what we hear first is a melody of love hummed and chanted by birds, reminding us that we humans are not lone participants in this symphony of love. The chattering and singing of birds create waves of electromagnetic field that makes the atmospheric conditions tantalizing with an aura that becomes engulfed with a deep cheerfulness oozing love. This makes me wonder how music, rhythm and sound foster Love.

Everything in nature is singing and humming just see an elegant and proud peacock that rambles in thick woods carrying the long tail that fans into a beautiful and glorious plumage decorated with texture, color and design and then this beautiful creature dances and screams Miaow... Miaow... while looking towards heavens. The sound of Miaow vibrates, resonates and travels backward in time tracing the echoes of the sound that initiated causation, KUN (be) the big bang. Upon reaching that beginning sound the peacock’s scream optimizes then returns, disperses and spreads in the infinite pathways of all omniety, universe, and cosmos enchanting everything everywhere back to the woods where this peacock screamed Miaow, and where in an approachable distance a peahen listens and gets excited.

Bill Chaplin an asteroseismologist at Birmingham University explains that "Essentially stars resonate like a huge instrument". This new research comes just few months after scientists at Sheffield University recorded that eerie musical harmonies emitted from surface of Sun, what a wonder!

Everything in nature is connected with everything and everything is longing and is desirous of others, this desire is deep rooted in our creation from the sound of KUN, this sound is a binding force that gels us together in the march of Life.


  1. hmm...quite strange....

    I started talking very mother told me that my parents were affraid that may be I will never talk... a child...used to affraid of sounds and believed that sound...any kind of sound is a BEING...who has breath to take...who eats...who sleeps and is very SCARY...

    Your post..bring me back my childhood horror on SOUNDS...

    Just imagine...if SOUND is really a BEING...

    and all the creations of Almighty have the ability to create a BEING...which we named as a lovely it would sound?

    hmm...nice post Dar Sahib....

  2. Thanks Thinking for your interesting and novel comments.

  3. I am interested in Thinking's "novel comments"...

    First, however, I want to post my exhileration to say least for this delightful post, differing from your others in that it combines both a profoundly rich dose of flowing poetry with the corroboration of certain scientific studies. Added to all this are perfectly universal spiritual language. How can any argue with your thesis? I for one embrace each line and the whole with it's myriad of implications.

    Surely this will be one of the most quoted and classic portions of your book on love...

    So glad I finally got here to see this spiritual and sensual rainbow of rich remembrances from where we have all come and to which we are all returning...

  4. Always your comments inject a new wave of comprehension into the resting waters and generate the ripples that allow me to see the imperceptible from the perceptible. Thanks Connie for taking time out and sharing your insights, optimisms and love.

  5. Love in its truest sense is really interseting, I have found some dimentions after reading the series of your posting on it, really impressed and new dimentions opened up on me.

  6. Thanks Peerless for kind comments.