Saturday, 13 November 2010

Magic of Love

...And We created every living thing from water (Al Quran 21:30)

Everything starts as one and live as one big organism. When in a night of Full Moon, this majestic, elegant, beautiful and mysterious ornamentation, the Queen of night shines and dazzles in its sublime glory and casts a magic spell, it uplifts me emotionally, aesthetically and I feel a delight, a joy, a romance surging in my veins and at the same time somewhere, the tides in the heart of a deep sea roll, roar, dance, rise, climb, ascent and splash against the limiting shores, people say it is the gravitational pull, I say it is LOVE.

It is magic, joy and exuberance of LOVE that has engrossed us, converged us together like an organism, a body, a constellation and a galaxy, that belongs to one origin, owe a common genesis, and is choreographing its way in an eternal ballet of life, that gleams, resonates, and vibrates with light ,music and movements that radiates with a magic called LOVE.


  1. hmm...its the MAGIC indeed...sometimes to divert your attention and sometimes to attrack your attention...

    I am enjoying your series on LOVE Dar Sahib...and every post of yours is giving new and refreshing thought on LOVE.

    Love...too old to talk about yet too mystries to give enough reasons to keep one busy in

    Thank you so much !

  2. Thanks Thinking for your inputs which are always measured and who can know better about love then you who has a razor sharp mind to see details and observe emotions and sentiments that seems in veil for multitude.

  3. "people say it is the gravitational pull, I say it is LOVE." Akhtar Wasim Dar

    I can see a little book beyond beautiful already with such a series which many will buy as a classic gift to give to those they love:



    DO IT...

    There is such courage, simplicity WITH the depth of the truest rich complexity as in that delightful, heart-warming conversation just here in comments between you and Thinking....

    Gratitude and love to you both and to this dearest of families - that of RR

  4. Yes Connie I would write a small one on this if you agree to write the Foreword! Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Your way of defining things is remarkable, and how you described the magical love is incredible. May God bless us the true essence of pure love.

  6. Thanks Peerless fo kind words and for your prayers I would say Ammen.

  7. hmm...Dar Sahib...good idea...I know Connie would not mind at all to write foreword for your book and as you have one of your greatest fan here which is have already one buyer go ahead please....

    I will love to have your writings as book format in my book rack....

    hmm....looking forward...

  8. Thinking is exactly right - of course I'd write the foreword and would love to get out the word and buy for gifts.

  9. hmm... Thinking and Connie I am excited...

  10. Thanks Chile for coming, commenting and liking:)

  11. Let' not let Dar Sahib off the hook on that book. :) And what a book this will be...