Saturday, 16 October 2010

Love is Awareness

When we say we love someone, we attribute this to our matter of heart, our liking, our feeling, but this is not love, this is mere attraction, infatuation or an impression that we have. Love is awareness, a conscious awareness, which encompasses our psyche and flows like a peaceful river in our body, mind and spirit in such a unison that the dichotomy of these individual elements vanishes. Love brings divergence into concurrence. Then it spreads like drizzle all over without selection, discrimination and distinction soaking and immersing all evenly and equitably. Love is like springtime when it arrives it sweeps and blossoms all that is in the garden.

Selective love is not Love, it is a desire, a desire for fulfillment of vacuum that lies within us. Love never enters into vacuum, love stays only with its Originator, its Creator, it Nurturer, its Sustainer - God. When a thing is associated with God, love resides there; love stays in His company, His proximity, His vicinity.

When we lose Him, we lose Love, when we say we hate someone, it implies saying that Love has alluded us and so has God. When we Love, it amounts to saying: God is with us, with all His benevolence, mercy, bliss and sublimity.


  1. Dar Sahib

    What a poetic description of Love...specially when you say...

    ' Selective love is not Love, it is a desire, a desire for fulfillment of vacuum that lies within us'.

    hmm....I always used to believe that a secret...secret of heart...

    And this secret of Heart touches me like mist - softly, gently and with superfluos tenderness and moistness.

    For my heart is a solitary garden with its own world of and trees...blossoming aspirations and unfullfilled also of pain...longing...sufferings....all that combined made one word...Love.

    Love bestirs in heart as a little ripple and ending as an ocean - opening so many avenues of thoughts and processes; perhaps this is Awareness.

  2. aoa. nice work
    plz follow my blof

  3. hmm... i know what is selective love... next goal - try to understand Love!

  4. You helped me to remember a recent interview I heard with a giant among Geophysics and I am so glad I listened today to the unedited version just on the very day when I needed it most. So I posted this and realize that so much of what is spoken is about your definition of Love for All of Humanity.

    Thank You for your deep and consistent faithfulness to Love in many angles and ways.

    This is what also becomes Truth and Beauty as well.

  5. Thanks HR for your beautiful poetic response, I really enjoyed its splendor .

  6. Dear rIZ best of luck and my sincere wishes that you succeed in understanding Love, and you will, you are smart and intelligent enough for that :)

  7. Connie, Thanks for that Geophysics reference, which is an insightful and lovely description of one Humanity and its ultimate goal and objectives.

  8. Yes also to Thinking for your gift of expansive understanding and expression as well as the poetic and often unexpected details.

    Also, I agree that rlZ will succeed. :)

  9. Beautiful and more importantly the realistic depiction of the most beautiful gift of GOD to human, love.
    “Love is like springtime when it arrives it sweeps and blossoms all that is in the garden."

    Beautiful lines.

    The love is like light in darkness, when it gets in, darkness vanishes, if not, then this is not love

  10. Thanks peerless for coming and commenting :)