Sunday, 22 August 2010

Is Flood Washing Away Our Hope?

Everything is created from water and everything returns to its origins.(Al-Quran)

So it is, water is all over the place,we have heard of many Floods, but we have now seen the devastation the floods make in our own times in our own homeland. Millions of people have been displaced no home, no shelter no food, water all over but not a single drop of water to drink, the only pure form of water is the one dripping from the eyes of the flood victims which is washing away and drowning in the flood water.

The hope, which is the basic denominator to live and see forward is at its ebb, hope which springs from faith in God, in system and in people, this time around is simply missing, the faith in system and people have just vanished as the people stranded in water have suffered and suffered waiting for the help to reach them but it has been slow and the momentum never built up.

Most of the affected are losing the other faith also very quickly. An unthinkable event has occurred in a village that has just shaken me and I am completely lost to comprehend what this mind set could result in. In a relief camp a father told a news reporter that while fleeing the floods his family abandoned four children because they could have saved their children or their cow, so they preferred to save their cow!

If this is any test than most of us have failed, but the realization of this can still save us, realization that hope in our hearts mean that God is still there and with Him being still there even everything lost is not yet lost as the courage and fortitude that we show is what God cherishes in his creation and all Prophets, messengers near and dear to him were tested to show their mettle, so God could show to unbelievers what faith really means in times of devastation and calamity when it is cast on those who have everything but they lose everything except the faith.

This flood and this devastation could be the breeding ground and genesis of a new Pakistan, this flood water could mean ablution for 20 million devastated people and a new way and a new opportunity in this crises could result if we cling to the faith, hope and do just what is needed in this time of crises, 150 million people can easily take care of 20 million people, seven people have to take care of one person only this is not a big deal its only matter of realization that we can do it.


  1. Dear Dar Sahib,

    Your assessment and your ending as always is deep, true and something we all can follow!

  2. Thanks Connie. The crises that IDP’s are facing is simply nothing compared to what this could eventually leads us to, if this is not taken care of, if they are not helped, comforted, their situation can bring about an thinkable socio-political-economic crises. Society, community and fellow citizen must rise to the occasion to address this issue, which can construct or damage the fabric of society.

  3. I hope we all get the same insight which you have shown in the last para.. But actually people are losing faith and belief with hope.They DO want to help but they dun trust ant organistaion..
    Ofcourse everyone wants that their money be used in this good cause, but we are bombarded with hell of orgainsations and NGOs. Each n every actor, singer, anchor, hoSt is busy in collecting the fund, and after all is done we find them shouting and fighting with each other on TV and radio channels that you are corrupted and you took the money and escaped.. so Hell, where are We goinG??
    At every corner, you will find some guys with a box with a demand of some aid, i only wonder that if there are so many people to help and if our money is being spend on them then why on earth the flood affecties are still deprived of food, medicine,shelter and clothing?? WhY?

  4. So then, let's help one another sort out the real from the false, the true facts from merely allegations. Perhaps those of us in the international community could help in this effort of standing back and looking at which groups are cooperating most and over the long-haul.

    And you two will also understand what I'm getting ready to say:

    IMmostHO: Way deeper, wider and beyond all the most public display of stats, help and boasting -there is a God who sees and still offers help to those who are not doing their efforts to please others or for any political or self-aggrandizing reason whatsoever...

    Each of us must needs be alone before Spirit in assessing what we alone can do as part of the WHOLE yet often needing to wait to see any result at all...but just to know that for THIS DAY - for this ONE HOUR - we are doing what we are called to do.

    For some of us who are artists, historians, writers, musicians, poets...our own BEST may never be visible at all in part or full to our own peers or generation or more "savvy" professionals within each our own field...

    And yet we must have the courage to go ahead and do as we are called and to encourage one another to do the same.

    We must see that some of what we do must survive for the future generations...for the children who will someday be adults living in Pakistan or somewhere they too will value the history, culture, literary gems, Iqbal, Rumi and priceless other beauties we share here together...

    What a blessing therefore this Republic of Rumi blog community is as we work together to do just that - beyond the usual barriers and boundaries - yet always to help one another "keep the faith" of Allah and the Spirit of Love under, over, around us alone and together.

  5. by the rivers of punjab
    we sat down, yea we wept

  6. hmm...Flood has its own way of giving us the lessons long forgotten...though its more like a panishment...

    But the people effected by the flood are those who are already the most less previlaged and less Pakistan.

    They already know what hunger is...they already know how to supress their needs...they hardly know any luxury...but they are human too...feeble and weak...and desire is their right...

    We can easily comfort them...only if WE act as a human and a person who is answerable to his own self and MAKER....

    Nice post Dar Sahib...with your thinking...we still have hope.

  7. Reebz, it is quite natural to get disillusioned when you hear criticism on credibility of the government and the people managing all these affairs, but as our friend Connie pointed out we have to sort out real from the false and then move forward to help those who need this, because at the end of the day, the thing that really matters is how to help the helpless?

  8. Connie, what a flawless discription by you, I just love it:

    "We must see that some of what we do must survive for the future generations...for the children who will someday be adults living in Pakistan or somewhere they too will value the history, culture, literary gems, Iqbal, Rumi and priceless other beauties we share here together"

  9. Huma
    You are gifted for these sort of perfect comments.

  10. Thinking, hope is not something abstract it is the most real thing in our lives, it leads us to where no other thing can lead

    Thanks for your comments.

  11. From Huma - I'd like to know more about you..Your perfect quote: "By the Rivers of Punjab, we sat down, yea, we wept." This pungently evocative line, says so much, so deeply, so well. Is this in the Quran? There's a line like this also in the Bible which has haunted me most my life...and here it so well suits this crisis in Pakistan.

    I would love to be in touch with you...are you a poet?

    back weekend InshaAllah and/or