Monday, 5 July 2010

My, Your and Our World

I had only three colors in my palette, besides white paste: blue, red and yellow. I had to paint a canvas showing dawn to dusk in a landscape. How I am going to manage all this with only three colors? But once I started amalgamating and mixing blue with yellow and yellow with red and red with blue, and in between dabbing white paste to tone down or brighten the colors, all hues, tones and shades just started to flow on the canvas.

Likewise in life each one us is endowed with creativity by our Creator. Like three primary colors Blue, Yellow, Red and white paste, He has given us the Intellect, Faith, Love and Time, through which each one of us create our own world.

It is just like painting life where we have Blue of Intellect, Yellow of Faith, Red of Love and White Paste of Time. With these three we create other colors of life. When we mix Red of Love with Yellow of Faith we create Orange of Compassion. When we add Red of Love with Blue of Intellect the result is Violet of Creative Spirituality. When we add Blue of Intellect with Yellow of Faith the Green results as Balance , Equanimity and Equilibrium of Life. White Paste of Time provides a balancing act in harmonizing the depths.

Each one of us create our own world with these prime colors, results are different only in tones and hues due to the intensity with which each individual applies his own color, but each one of us and his world is as true as the world of anybody else. The beauty of all this lies in the variety and individuality, which results from our different moods, compulsions and uniqueness that as individuals we possess and reflect.


  1. beautiful and an ideological post.
    each sentences is impressive and a lovely thought,you share here Sir.
    I really have no words,to explain what it felt while reading such a true post.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow - Hoo-rah! for again another most creative and lovely post. And so you are reminding us not only do you love and know books yet also art as well...

    I have never before considered such an analogy yet this expression feels so fitting for the actual case of each our own unique yet connected lives. As always, I'm quite enthralled and smiling to see how you yourself help each of your readers to create more and to create balance with what we are each given...

    If we will only heed your wisdom and gentle offering...

    With deepest gratitude to a friend and guide....

  3. ought to have knowledge of mixing these colors or should be an artist himself/herself to make a good mixture of these colors so that they yeild better reflections on time and with time....

    Dar Sahib...a very beautiful post...

    But I just want to add that not everyone in this world is that intelligent to take care of their colors to produce or to affect life. Whatever they mix and no matter how much effort they make to produce an always turn out to be useless..colorless...piece of crap.

    hmm...I wish...when we were granted by these color from my MAKER...HE should have given us the sense of taking care too....

    I like your post...thanks.

  4. ReeBz
    Thanks, and like others I am also waiting for your brilliant and energetic posts to resume.

  5. Connie
    You know that in consensus literature (term coined by our dear friend and torch bearer KAS) uniqueness does not mean dissimilarity but individuality that completes a collective objectivity. When our individual creativity synthesis with other individual’s ingenuity, the canvas of life really lights up and radiates. This I certainly feel whenever you write or comment on these and other pages.

  6. Thinking
    If the Maker had given us the perfect combination to produce a perfect world than each one of us would have looked like clone of each other living in a world of robots and colorless world only with selected perfect color tones, perfect orange resulting from RED/YELLOW perfect green from BLUE/YELLOW perfect Violet from RED/BLUE. But now my orange can be redder and your more yellower and that gives variety, individuality and ingenuity to this world. With our individual creativity we enrich the canvas of life with vividness and engrossment.

    However I fully respect your comments that amply reflect your distinctive assessment and understanding life differently , which enriches and adds color to this discussion. Thanks for sharing.

  7. A simply satisfying set of comments and your's to each of us, Dar Sahib...worth waiting for this post and the solid wisdom which is so and whole that your clarity deceives as to the infinite depth and yet is so innocent. (Rather than the academia which often attempts to say similar truths yet fail.)

    So although you read way more than most of us here on a constant basis, you show over and over your own skill for more effective writing than some of the writers you read.

  8. I should have said "the solid wisdom which is so welcome and whole..." And my word "fail" in parenthesis should have an 's'.

  9. Connie
    It is with feeling of immense gratitude that I read your comments; this is your extreme generosity thathas always made me feel special. I take them as a friend’s encouragement and support.

  10. Great post Sir! Short but very deep. It made me realize that very human being is a unique painter and all of us are working on a huge painting of life! :)

  11. Thanks rIZ, it seems that we all are painting a huge canvas by painting our empty spaces and one day we human beings would proudly say that this is the master piece for which we were created!

  12. "He has given us the Intellect, Faith, Love and Time, through which each one of us create our own world."

    I beg to differ,

    How about ugliness, hatred, discrimination, infidelity, mediocrity, exploitation, jealousy etc, more worlds are weaved from entanglement of these emotions in our little planet than the ones you have mentioned in your post,

    The point is that evil is inherent in human mind itself, whatever innocence may cloak it is irrelevant.

  13. @Leviathan

    That is good, your point of view is seeing the world with a different light source.

    My contention is basically simple, like darkness is absence of light, so is ugliness, lack of serenity, beauty, graciousness and sublimity. Hatred is lack of love, compassion and gratitude. Discrimination is lack of judicious. Infidelity is lack of faithfulness. Mediocrity is lack of excellence. Exploitation is lack of creativeness and productiveness. Jealously is lack of trust, faith, and courage.

    All those attributes which you have pointed out to be evil are weaker colors to my understanding though they are there as true as other colors, but they dissolve and melt like ice in the presence of beauty, love, justice, faith, courage and light.

  14. Thanks HumaA for your kind words.