Tuesday, 9 February 2010

No More Horizons

A lonely tree of hope
Swaying but standing tall,
Stretching its arm
extending embrace,
In a spring that is ripe for pruning past,
cultivating the future,
The vanished birds are re-appearing,
Coming back and singing the forgotten songs,
Wind whispering and echoing symphonies of glorious mysteries,
Leaves fluttering and shining with
drops of morning dew,
They gleaming like a tear on beloved's cheek,
That washes away all the mistrust and all the misdeeds.


  1. hmm...Dar Sahib....it is what we need most now....HOPE.

    A very timely post !

    Sensitive and touched heart...thanks for sharing.

  2. Sir its Beautiful!

    And these lines are really touching, " They gleaming like a tear on beloved's cheek,
    That washes away all the mistrust and all the misdeeds."

    Thanks for sharing..

  3. Beautiful in every way: personal, metaphorical, reminder of the seasons of life and it's renewal.
    And of course the lines which Komal mentioned do compel curiosity yet also contentedness as we each can find our own meaning from something so pristine and universal.

    Thanx for giving us so often something for sanity and showing us that depth and beauty is certainly sane.

    While I won't be able to come to RR for a few weeks, know that I will eagerly come back soon enough and "read up" knowing there are gems here which I have come to view as part of my spiritual nourishment.

  4. I want so much to understand the title of this poem which feels like it lives in the borders between worlds: the most tangibly real and present and the most invisibly real and timeless?

    Almost I hear intimations of Rumi, Iqbal and Khurram Ali Shafique...or is it just that I am living there now a bit more than usual?

  5. Maybe I'll first learn more about your original intentions for the title and poem... and then you'll allow me to post this on oneheart? But this may take a few weeks. I need to stay away for a good while...

  6. Thinking:
    Thanks and must tell you I like the dramatic skill that you display in your posts and I am trying to learn quickly a thing or two from those!

    Komal Khan:
    Thanks for your comment and the beauty you see in others and outside is nothing but your inner sublimity.

    Four symbols are attached to my psyche, Tree, Wind, Dew/rain and Birds. When they all come together I see a complete picture and my universe becomes absolute. Every one of these symbols is multi facet for me and I juxtapose them in various combinations with different metaphors. The Title points to this very fact that since I am in the presence of ‘Exalted Beauty’, I see and need no further horizons!

  7. I gather strength from knowing a person such as you Akhatar sahab,
    your poetry is a treat; completely delightful;
    it is majestic and very gentle
    as if flows from it a stream of color...

  8. thank you so much Dar Sahib...I am embarassed...hmm..

  9. Wow, Akhtar Wasim Dar Sahib:

    Your message to EACH and Faraz LOVELY recent contribution warm my heart...I am not able to look at the other sites today but I was curious as to your reply to the question I bro't up and you answer that SO well! Now we know SO much about you due to your amazing generosity and transparency of true being...Your every word points to that presence of 'Exalted 'Beauty' and I feel that as long as I stay connected to you somehow, I will be reminded of all that matters most and not lose my true essence. Definitely, this poem, post and the discussion are together so LIFE-SUSTAINING for us all.

  10. wow good that i didn't miss it!Its beautiful and soft.. feels as if its my own story..
    Everyone is talking about HOPE.. including me..!So, i felt more touched, as if it is written for me only!