Sunday, 13 September 2009

Relationship is Existence

I have been keeping a journal for a long time, sometimes writing my reminisces, poetry, sketches of people whom I meet-drawing and writing about them, writing some words again and again without any reason or rhyme and noting lines and passages from the books which inspires during their reading. Following are two notes from my reading of J.KRISHNAMURTI, from whom I learned that truth is pathless territory and one cannot approach it by any path!

Relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself. Without relationship you are not; to be is to be related; to be related is existence. You exist only in relationship; otherwise you do not exist; existence has no meaning. It is not because you think you are that you come into existence. You exist because you are related; and it is the lack of understanding of relationship that causes conflict.

Meditation is one of the greatest arts in life-perhaps the greatest and one cannot possibly learn it from anybody. That is the beauty of it. It has no technique and therefore no authority. When you learn about yourself, watch yourself, watch the way you walk, how you eat, what you say, the gossip, the hate, the jealously, if you are aware of all that in yourself, without any choice, that is part of meditation.


  1. How did I find such kindred souls so far away? Perhaps among my MOST kindred souls - perhaps ALL of you here!

    I just love:

    "truth is pathless territory"

    "Relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself."

    I am reassured by your comment that "meditation...has no technique and therefore no authority" it is how we best learn about ourselves our own way...I would include that because of you and the others here and the "teaching" I am watching more often whether or not I am courteous, how I listen and how I communicate both joy and pain.

    You and ReeBz (and remembrances of yesterday's storehouse of spiritual nourishment from RR) are adding deeply to the light which is flooding into the window of my soul today - your night.

    Shukran, Akhtar Sahib!

    PS Please note that Marzieh is back or was!!!

  2. Do you maintain this journal online as well? If not too private, I would like to catch a sneak from time to time.

    So true about both. Yes, the proverbial man being a social animal feels the existence when related. And I fully agree about meditation but don't understand what he means by "without any choice"?

  3. Krishnamurti, at one point of time, was my favourite like Tagore's Gitanjali And The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Thanks for reminding me of him and sharing. Wish you were closer and that i could have longer interactions with you... but then
    you say to yourself ' hazaron khwahisain aisi ke har khwahish pey dum nikley.....

    Buhut c duaen

  4. I also have appreciated the light and joy and even God within Tagore's Gitanjali...I look forward to a longer conversation here - to Akhtar Sahib's answer to Ashfaq...

  5. @Connie
    Thanks and Shukriya as well, for your reassuring comments all the time and yes would try to extend this conversation with your help and participation.

    My journaling is old fashioned writing mostly at night or in the wee hours and the putting under the bed…so no sneaking possible, it doesn’t see days light….

    The first relationship that man has is with the Creator. At our level Creator exists because of this relationship that He has with us and we with Him.
    German Mystic Angelus Silesius (1624-1677) said in a beautiful poem:
    God is my final end;
    Does he from me evolve,
    Then he grows out of me,
    While I in Him dissolve.

    God, whose love and joy
    are present everywhere,
    can't come to visit you
    unless you aren't there.

    WITHOUT CHOICE in meditation means, as one must be always observing oneself on each and every action and thought without any element of selection and choice. Humans have a conditioning that they tend to become selective but true meditation means one is always aware of his actions and the thoughts that germinate these actions, without any choice.

    @Parveen Aunty
    Always look forward to having conversation with you and I know how well versed you are in Literature and how profound and precise comments you always make. Always wished myself that I could have more and frequent conversations with you on Sartre, Rashid, Faiz, Ghalib, Camus and many many others.

  6. Our resident literary teacher here and poet "in residence", Akhtar Sahib and looks like Parveen Aunty (a courtesy term here?) is also quite literary.

    Coming back in the quiet hours to reflect on what you have just now spoken of God.

    Thank You for ALL you gift us with here...

  7. Connie
    I like this term Poet"in residence". I think the more appropriate will be-POET "IN RESIDENCE ONLY".

  8. Yet I feel that you are ready to blossom forth "POET AT LARGE"