Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Every individual is an Experiment

This is part II of previous post WHY WE LIVE. This I have recollected from my journal but unfortunately I just lost the reference, but never the less the argument is there:

Every individual is an experiment on part of nature, a throw into the unknown; his only vocation should be to allow this throw to work itself out in his inner most being. Humanity is not something complete that must be maintained and protected, but a distant goal towards which we were marching. Moreover because darkness and light resides within each of us, becoming conscious of our own evil is our only hope in a world where our capacity for destruction is weighed against the soul’s capacity for compassion and regeneration.



  1. All I wish to add is the fact that 'If you shut your door to all errors truth will be shut out'.....

  2. I have read your argument and am not sure what you mean, that is, how I should interpret it! It is kind of late and I kind of sleepy, I will defer a response and would also request your assistnace in understanding argument.

  3. You may have noticed that I've been busier in some ways than ever, trying to "tie up loose ends" before I take my long break. So I just wanted to say, I hope you STAY here and add your own uniquely challenging mental and spiritual perspectives. Per Ashfaq Hussain's comment, I would like to see you offer one or two cues or clues myself...yet I can guess your meaning...

  4. Thanks Parveen Aunty,Ashfaq and Connie. The unclear things will become clearer in upcoming posts.