Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ABC of Anger, Beauty and Compassion

According to a tradition of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) :

Allah, the Exalted, is beautiful, and He loves beauty.

What is Beauty?

Beauty in aesthetics means a balance.When we achieve Balance things look, feel and reflect Beauty. Our actions, thoughts, reactions, desires and speech are beautiful when it retains Balance.
Things become un-balanced when we are not compassionate, we are angry or violent. We become angry and violent when we are fearful, lonely and not empowered. A little compassion, a little detachment, a little benevolence, a little grace, a little show of kindness can work miracles and can bring equilibrium and poise in a situation that has become disproportionate, ugly and un balanced.

When we find somebody in need of a help to Balance his Life, his affairs, his attitude, we must provide that little orientation that balances, so they become beautiful.

Allah the Exalted is Beautiful and Loves Beauty, so we must
also act as the Beloved acts.

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  1. Now I see why you are so necessary and comforting - balancing for the life of RR and in my life as well. I have often from childhood felt Allah's presence as beauty before anything else. Thank You for providing this balance for us all!

  2. Connie, from you we have learned, how to be objective and compassionate at the same time! Thanks for your re-assurance that you are alway there and first.

  3. Greetings,

    This is beautiful post. Thank you for it.

    All good wishes,