Tuesday, 4 September 2012

We are Playing a Symphony

A sound of Kun created everything and another sound (sound of horn) will destroy everything that was created.

What is Rhythm? It’s an interval between two sounds. What is Life an interval between two heartbeats? So we can say sound is the basic denominator of our life?
I feel that between the first sound of Kun and the second sound of horn is the interval where lies symphony of creation, a music that all creation is playing as a grand orchestra. In this grand orchestra is participating this ever expanding universe along with the majestically glowing sun, the glorious cool moon, the towering iced mountains, the deep flowing oceans, the tantalizing warm deserts, swaying trees in the woods, the elegantly flying birds, the roaring beasts in the jungle, an infant sucking his thumb in lap of her mother, a father escorting his daughter to an open air school in a village under Bo tree, a peasant plowing wheat fields, a laborer milling a machine, a scientist examining the big bang theory, a woman milking a cow, a young man in silicon valley developing a software, an artist lighting up a canvas with rapid brush strokes and much much more….

We humans a unique part of this symphony are the only creation assured to survive once this symphony ends, but the rewards on our resurrection depends on the merits of the symphony that we have played. The merit in music is simple! Were we in harmony with others when we played our music or not? On answer to this depends our next Life.


  1. The surprise conclusion brings up a not so usual reminder...

    That is...that too often we humans bring up everything else as what will shape our hereafter...

    SUCH AS --

    Knowledge of some human's particular teaching of sacred scripture? Whether we got an A in human terms?

    Whether we belonged to a particular specialized group (often we are there because we were born there...)

    Who we were AGAINST in our attempt to be perfectly RIGHT...

    What we amassed in terms of numbers of "saved" or religious structures or human influences or works strictly of the corrupted self/ego and not of the Allah-given Self or Ego... WHEN did Allah or the Prophets ever say our eternal well-being depended on a Numbers Game?

    How many of us --in, from or connected to any land or sect or religious persuasion dare to name HARMONY (and our part in such a dynamic) as such a deciding factor?

    Thanx so much for this beautiful reminder of one of our major responsibilities on this earth!

    I am deeply challenged as I need to be.

  2. Thanks Connie for such a detailed assessment and you know how valuable are your inputs for me. Harmony is indispensible as even a single individual cannot function if his mind, body and soul are not in harmony, what to say of the entire universe.

    1. Again, I love how you have encapsulated the microcosm and the macrocosm in such a poetic short line as your response to me.

  3. Greetings,

    How beautiful this post is!

    I so very much like how your writing is often poetic and vividly descriptive, and yet also concise, all at the same time. You are gifted.

    All good wishes,


  4. Thanks robert this is your love that speaks :)

  5. Sound of kun created everything and another sound will destroy everything.When I read this I quickly think what can I do now so that I will not regret later.I guess the second sound will not give me the opportunity.I tell myself what I can do today I must not leave it for tomorrow.Tomorrow may never come.I enjoyed reading your post Akhtar Bhai.Thank you.

  6. Very thought provoking post & interesting blog