Friday, 8 July 2011


The on line course on introduction to Iqbal studies ended this week, it was a beautiful and enriching experience and it has initiated a new way of approaching Iqbal and the message that Iqbal has envisioned.

The message in light of these studies and the study of Quran I would like to convey through one word of Quran that has always fascinated and captured my imagination- EHSAAN.

The root of this word is HUSN, meaning beauty, and EHSAAN means an act that beautifies and balances. This act of beautification and balancing starts from self, whatever balance we lack in our personality is to be balanced and whatever balances our environment and our society lacks is to be balanced by us individually and collectively in order to make it functional and beautiful. HUSN reflects a beautiful, balanced and functional person, society and an act.

Ehsaan is when we act in a befitting manner to balance a person or a system we actually act to make ourselves beautiful because we are part of that system and society. The ultimate benefit of that Ehsaan would be that we would live in an environment of synchronization, bliss and splendor.

The words of Holy Quran so exquisitely brings forth the impact that ehsaan can create:
Is there any reward for good than Good? (55:60)


  1. hmm....very true Dar Sahib....

    I really like the online course because it increase reasoning and let me gives me freedom to choose time to answer or join the course...

    And it really worked for me....I must b thankful to Shafiqu Sahib for such wonderfull work.

  2. Thinking I feel the same and think it is just a beginning

  3. This post - as usual - captures both the older and newer values, wisdom and REALITY of all any of us would do or which to do to expand the work of God and the Spirit of Love in our time.

    I am so glad to be back from trip and from some obligations to be able to read and contribute once again...

    You Thinking and Dar Sahib compel me more than ever to return also to this course. I'm so glad it will be posted for a little longer...but I must needs hurry a bit now (not my aptitude :)

    Thanx so much for this post and the earlier one's on Shafique's great and needed calling and for all you've both done to support that for the world at large.

    Also take a look at my latest post on Turning with the Spirit if/when you get a chance and feel like doing so because some of your recent themes are there in an interfaith manner...

  4. Thanks Connie for the comments and look forward to see you more at the blogsphere :)

  5. Is there any reward for good than Good? (55:60) Reread this pristine, inspiring post. This underlines my desire to do what I am able to retake the course.

  6. "Ehsaan is when we act in a befitting manner to balance a person or a system we actually act to make ourselves beautiful because we are part of that system and society."

    This reminds me of the immortal lines from my favorite poet Masroor Anwar:

    دل میں اِک اجنبی احساس کی خوشبو جاگی
    آج لگتی ہے ہر اِک بات نئی بات مجھے

    (Approximate translation subject to correction from Akhtar Sahib: "The fragrance of an unknown feeling awakens in my heart. Today, everything appears to me as something new."

  7. Thanks Khurram Sahib for quoting these beautiful and immortal lines from Masroor Anwar's immortal song from film Ehsaan. Have never stopped listening to this one since its release. I just wonder how Masroor Anwar could write so simply and effortlessly something so profound.

  8. Greetings,

    Thank you very much for this post. It is simply beautiful.

    To actively beautify and balance oneself and others, not really separate endeavors...what an Aim & Purpose!

    All good wishes,