Friday, 24 December 2010

Creativity of Love

God says: “I was a hidden treasure and I yearned to be known. Then I created creatures in order to be known by them” (a hadith)

In human beings love stirs creativity and evolution. It works as a miracle on the lover and the beloved simultaneously. When someone curate a garden his core intention could be to bring an aesthetic satisfaction by the beauty that the grandeur of garden settings entails, but in wider respect he is also attracting joyful eyes of the onlookers who would find it pleasing serene and satisfying, and further the birds, the butterflies and the bees would simultaneously find it attractive and blissful.

Our creativity amalgamates with the creativity of birds when they come to garden and sing songs and hymns which show their pleasure of soul, gratitude to the gardener and praise for the Lord. Similarly when the butterflies flutter from one flower to the other giving a picturesque look to the setting and at the same time helping in pollination, the plot thickens. The honey bees hovering from plant to plant thanking for opportunity that made it possible to show their creativity first by building a home of unique hexagonal cells and then pouring and depositing there a sweet, energizing and healthy tonic we all so love.

An act of creativity accelerates an unending bond of Love that enriches life and work as a catalyst in making the ultimate divinity of God unveil and appear as majestically as He wanted.


  1. hmm....a Gardener...who is a human being is giving the opportunities by nourishing and caring the garden to the different beings of world...

    Who in return praise Allah with their beautiful voices...

    THe in a way....creating the environment for praising...and enjoying...

    hmm...what abeautiful piece of writing Dar Sahib...

    And the picture is so so clear and appealing that I want to go into it....

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. The garden as one way to further the "unending bond of love" and to further to goals of God. What a perfect reminder that when in synch and harmony overall with the Spirit of the Creator there are OTHER gardens which can be created as well. Perhaps this unfolding book on the myriad qualities and results of Love itself can be viewed as a garden?

    As I begin my snowy Christmas morning with such a poignant, fresh and lovely "poem in prose", I am enthralled in the wonder that we as little created beings are permitted to so reflect God's own "Garden on Love" among our family here on earth.

    What a gift.

  3. Sir Akhtar, I have not commented yet on any of your post of this Love series because it always looked I had nothing left to say after your words in each aspect of Love. And, yes now I am just surprised that your words how they reflect sometimes my personal thoughts which I used to have in those days while you write it.

    Love is the only beauty of the Universe, because Universe is created due to Love and yes Love makes everything beautiful as Allah has created everything with His Love. And so, when a viewer looks anything with Love, he finds this beauty even in priceless stones.

    Thank you so much for these posts. These are such wonderful posts.

  4. Thinking

    Thanks for beautiful explanatory comments.

    We are created in God’s image so when we create something the chain continues and the bond of love and affection multiplies. Our creation provided a window to see a different view; when we also take charge of procreating we open another window to see another view that allows us to witness another sign of God’s omnipresence.

  5. Thanks Connie for summing up Garden of Love, we human beings have such a great responsibility in this Garden, we have to take care of maintaining it, as all the other inhabitants , partners and participants are doing their part of work so diligently and honestly without comprising on quality.

  6. Thanks Urooj for your comments after a long absence :)

    I think sometimes back I did say our thoughts looked similar, once or twice while on your blog I thought I was reading my post so to avoid that confusion I changed my blog template which was similar to yours :)

    We see is what we believe and what we believe is what we think and what we think is what we perceive and what we perceive is what we see :) and ….

  7. And to add a bit, I just now found on reading Urooj novel that her thoughts on love were/are similar to Dar Sahib's in depth really without boundary - rather iridescent and shimmering throughout many layers...