Saturday, 27 March 2010

What is Sufism?

There are as many views and definitions about Sufism as there are the commentators, so I take this history into perspective and offer my understanding to this term Sufism. The beauty of this term allows the bystanders to see outward and explore the visual abundance of Sufism and likewise it also allows the indulger to see inward and reflect the hidden manifestations.

To me Sufism is the meeting point of body and spiritual desires. This is the point where lust converts into love, desires becomes generosity, envy becomes sympathy, anger becomes compassion and body becomes as important as soul, matter becomes as holy as spirit, physical world seems as sacred as metaphysical believes. Each person, each life, everything in this temporal biosphere becomes my responsibility as vicegerent and I become responsible and accountable for all that is around. This is my understanding of Sufism, without any brand, any dogma and of course any silsila.


  1. A Man came to Libnani, a Sufi teacher, and this interchange took place,

    Man : I Wish to learn, Will you teach me?
    Libnani : I do not feel that you know how to learn.
    Man : Can you teach me how to learn?
    Libnani : Can you learn how to let me teach?

  2. Here very briefly to check on visibility of the Aafia announcement. I tho't I'd posted a comment here earlier? Anyway, this is even briefer because I can't remember what exactly I said then:

    Just wanted you to know that this quote from your above has meant a great deal to me this week and have been able to use as a constant reminder: "lust converts into love, desires becomes generosity, envy becomes sympathy, anger becomes compassion" - I have especially been able to see the relevance of "anger becoming compassion" not only as a guideline for myself but as practiced constantly by our Teacher here, Khurram Ali Shafique Sahib as well as by you, Akhtar Dar Wasim Sahib.

    Obviously your spiritual disciplines, reading and path of understanding are leading you in the right direction and one of great value to us all!


    Thinking, I also love your little wise story! I didn't get it first time yet now I do. Thanx! :) And am so glad our Teacher and "teachers" here at RR are open to this wisdom as well..

  3. beautiful
    bt i think
    only a set type of personality
    cn follow this belief
    since it requires alot
    of depth, philosophy
    nd lack of material lust
    perhaps this is y
    sufi followers r on a decline.

  4. Thanks Thinking, Connie and Ammara for your comments.

  5. Greetings,

    Thank you for this personal definition of sufism. So many definitions lose me in their analysis of this and that.

    Yours is plainly put, speaking to a lived, embodied path of love and caring.

    Thank you for putting this into words here.

    All good wishes,