Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Goal of Existence

The divergent opinion gives fillip to achieving new possibilities and exposes us towards the dimensions that are writ with variety and choices. The goal of existence is worship and worship is spiritual, temporal and spatial exuberance.

Worship is not ONLY a prayer performed in a mosque, a church, a temple, a synagogue etc….or in a lonely solitude of a home; it’s also not only a remembrance of the Beloved in dire times or in moments of fulfillment and bliss. Worship is loving the family, nation, and all forms of Life.

Worship is standing on a shore of a deep blue sea and admiring the beauty of a sunset, watching in awe the twinkling little stars, feeling the soft gentle and cool morning breeze and praising its sublimity, feeling insignificant but tall amid the majesty of the magnificent mountains.

Worship is respect for all and sundry, WORSHIP is finding the Grace of Creator through His Creation, touching the benevolence of Creator by holding a hand in need…


  1. YES! This one brings a few tears of joyful recognition and a much needed smile...Here I am reaching across to world - noticing and valuing exactly the same. Thank you with the deepest part of my heart, Akhtar Sahib, for this amazingly beautiful and effective gift to us all!

  2. And I would second Connie's appreciation here. Very well said, "insignificant but tall amid the majesty of the majestic mountains"... bohat ala' and as always, thanks Wasim for keeping me grounded and with some purpose. Ashfaq

  3. Thanks,Connie, Ashfaq,Khurram Sahib. Ashfaq,though thousands of miles and continents apart but always felt you close as was in those days when distance was not distant.